2015 ORS § 267.360¹
Business, trade, occupational and professional licenses and fees
  • exceptions

To carry out any of the powers granted by ORS 267.010 (Definitions for ORS 267.010 to 267.390) to 267.390 (Acceptance of funds from United States), a district may by ordinance raise revenue by licensing and imposing a fee on any business, trade, occupation and profession carried on or practiced in the district. This section does not empower a district to require licenses of or impose fees on companies that are licensed by the state under ORS 731.358 (Requirements of domestic insurers generally) or 731.362 (Requirements of foreign or alien insurers generally) to transact insurance, as defined in ORS 731.146 (Transact insurance), or to require licenses of or impose fees upon the representatives of such companies who are not residents of the district. [1969 c.643 §32]