2015 ORS § 262.035¹
Power of agency to require financial contributions from members restricted
  • members contracting with agency for services

(1) A joint operating agency shall not have the right or power to levy taxes or to assess its members for financial contributions. Each member city and district shall have the power to contribute or advance to the joint operating agency, solely out of surplus funds derived from utility operations, such sums as may be duly authorized by the utility board of the city, if there is one and, if there is no utility board, by the legislative body of the city or the district.

(2) No member of a joint operating agency shall be required to obligate all or any portion of its revenues to a joint operating agency solely because of its membership.

(3) A member may, whenever authorized by its utility board if there is one and, if there is no utility board, by its legislative body, enter into contracts with the joint operating agency to purchase capacity, energy or services and, as a part of such contracts, may agree to pay to the joint operating agency such consideration and to provide such security as it may determine advisable. [1973 c.722 §4]