2015 ORS § 261.710¹
Call of election
  • effect of favorable vote

(1) The dissolution election may be called by the board of directors on their own motion or by a petition filed with the directors of the district, signed by electors of the district equal in number to not less than three percent of the total number of votes cast for all candidates for Governor in the district at the most recent election at which a candidate for Governor was elected to a full term, requesting the directors of the district to submit to the electors of the district the proposition of dissolving the district and settling its affairs.

(2) The petition shall be referred to the county clerk of each county wherein the district or any part thereof is located. The county clerk of each of such counties shall examine the purported signatures on the petition of electors of the county and shall certify as to the regularity and sufficiency thereof. Where the district is located in more than one county, the certificate of the county clerk of each county as to the regularity of the signatures on the petition shall be filed with the Secretary of State, who shall accept the certificates by the county clerks as to the regularity of the signatures, and based thereon, shall certify as to the sufficiency of all signatures on the petition. Whenever a dissolution petition has been certified as sufficient, the certificate of sufficiency with copy of the petition shall be transmitted to the directors of the district, who shall immediately call an election to be held concurrently with a primary election or general election.

(3) If a majority of the electors of the district, voting at the election, votes in favor of dissolution, the directors shall issue their proclamation dissolving the district and shall file the proclamation in the office of the county clerk of the county wherein the district is located.

(4) The district shall thereafter continue to exist solely for the purpose of settling its affairs as provided in ORS 261.715 (Directors as trustees) to 261.730 (Disposal of district books and records). [Amended by 1973 c.796 §18; 1983 c.83 §37; 1989 c.174 §4; 1995 c.712 §99; 2003 c.14 §130]