2015 ORS § 255.305¹
Election expenses paid by district
  • exceptions
  • apportionment of expenses
  • rules

(1) Except as otherwise provided by ORS 198.775 (Security deposit to accompany petition), 261.210 (Payment of election expenses), 568.542 (Payment of expenses for director election from county funds) and 607.025 (Cash deposit by petitioners for special election), the expenses incurred for a district election shall be paid by that district.

(2) When two or more districts hold an election on the same day, the expenses of the election shall be equitably apportioned among the districts.

(3) The Secretary of State by rule:

(a) May designate a formula for the apportionment of expenses under subsection (2) of this section; and

(b) Designate categories of election expenses that are chargeable to a district. [Formerly 259.230 [bad link]; 1983 c.514 §14; 1995 c.243 §3]