2015 ORS § 251.335¹
Filing portrait and statement by or for candidate
  • disclaimer

(1) As used in this section, district has the meaning given that term in ORS 255.012 (District defined).

(2) Not later than the date specified by the Secretary of State, any candidate for nomination or election to county, city or special district office within the county, or an agent of the candidate, may file with the county clerk of a county that prepares a county voters pamphlet a portrait of the candidate and a typewritten statement of the reasons the candidate should be elected. The portrait and statement must comply with the applicable rules of the Secretary of State.

(3) The county clerk may not accept the filing of a statement or portrait of any candidate unless the filing is accompanied by the appropriate fee described in ORS 251.325 (Schedule and procedures for producing and distributing pamphlet).

(4) At the bottom of each allotted space of the county voters pamphlet containing a portrait and statement filed by a candidate, the county clerk shall include:

(a) A statement identifying the person who furnished the portrait and statement; and

(b) A disclaimer in boldfaced type in substantially the following form:


The above information has not been verified for accuracy by the county.

______________________________________________________________________________ [1989 c.1031 §5; 2003 c.468 §2; 2005 c.234 §2]