2015 ORS § 241.415¹
Transfers and reinstatement

(1) The commission may authorize the transfer of any person legally holding one position to a similar position in the same classification or grade. The commission may provide for the reinstatement within one year of persons separated from positions in the civil service without fault or delinquency on their part, if within that time there is need for their services.

(2) No transfer or reinstatement shall be made from a position in one classification or grade to a position in another classification or grade, nor shall a person be transferred to or reinstated in a position for entrance to which there is required by ORS 241.016 (Definitions for ORS 241.016 to 241.990) to 241.990 (Penalties) or the regulations adopted pursuant thereto, an examination involving essential tests or qualifications different from or higher than those required for original appointment to the position held by such person.