2015 ORS § 238A.245¹
Reemployment after commencement of pension benefits

(1) Except as provided in ORS 237.650 (Options for legislators who are members of Public Employees Retirement System) and 238A.250 (Option of legislators to receive certain benefits), the Public Employees Retirement Board shall cease making pension payments to a retired member of the pension program who is reemployed by a participating public employer in a qualifying position. A retired member of the pension program who is employed in a qualifying position becomes an active member of the pension program without serving the probationary period provided for in ORS 238A.100 (Establishing membership under pension program).

(2) If a retired member of the pension program is reemployed under the provisions of this section, any option chosen by the member under ORS 238A.190 (Survivorship benefits) is canceled, and upon retiring thereafter the member may elect any option provided for in ORS 238A.180 (Normal retirement benefit) and 238A.190 (Survivorship benefits). The board shall recalculate the pension of the member upon subsequent retirement. [2003 c.733 §26; 2011 c.722 §4; 2013 s.s. c.3 §12]