2015 ORS § 238A.240¹
Funding of disability benefit

(1) A participating public employer shall contribute to the pension program, at intervals designated by the Public Employees Retirement Board, all amounts determined by the board to be actuarially necessary to adequately fund the disability benefits to be provided under ORS 238A.235 (Disability benefit) and the reasonable costs of administering the provision of those benefits. The board shall periodically determine the liabilities attributable to the disability benefits and shall set the amount of contributions to be made by participating public employers, and by other public employers who are required to make contributions on behalf of members, to ensure that those liabilities will be funded no more than 40 years after the date on which the determination is made. All participating public employers shall be considered to be a single employer for the purposes of the contributions required under this section.

(2) For the purpose of the actuarial computation required under subsection (1) of this section, the board shall separately establish the liability of participating public employers for police officers and firefighters, and shall require that public employers that employ police officers and firefighters make contributions for those employees based on the liability established under this section. [2003 c.733 §25b]