2015 ORS § 238.605¹
Actuarial report on system

At least once every two years the board shall cause a competent actuary familiar with public systems of retirement and death benefits to prepare a report evaluating the current and prospective assets and liabilities of the system and indicating its current and prospective financial condition. In preparing the report the actuary shall investigate the mortality, disability, service and other experience of the members of, and employers participating in the system, shall state fully the condition of the system, and shall make such recommendations as the actuary deems advisable to facilitate administering it properly. The board shall publish and distribute a summary of the report to all the public employers participating in the system. The board may authorize the transfer of any portion of the funds collected under the provisions of ORS 238.225 (Employer contributions) to carry out the recommendations of the actuary. [Formerly 237.285]