2015 ORS § 227.400¹
Truck routes
  • procedures for establishment or revision
  • notice
  • hearing

(1) A city council shall not establish a new truck route or revise an existing truck route within the city unless the council first provides public notice of the proposed truck route and holds a public hearing concerning its proposed action.

(2) The city council shall provide notice of a public hearing held under this section by publishing notice of the hearing once a week for two consecutive weeks in some newspaper of general circulation in the city. The second publication of the notice must occur not later than the fifth day before the date of the public hearing.

(3) The notice required under this section shall state the time and place of the public hearing and contain a brief and concise statement of the proposed formation of the truck route, including a description of the roads and streets in the city that will form the truck route.

(4) As used in this section:

(a) Truck includes motor truck, as defined in ORS 801.355 (Motor truck), and truck tractor, as defined in ORS 801.575 (Truck tractor).

(b) Truck route means the roads or streets in a city which have been formally designated by the city council as the roads or streets on which trucks must travel when proceeding through the city. [1985 c.564 §1]