2015 ORS § 223.127¹
Application of certain assessment statutes to economic improvement districts

(1) ORS 223.387 (Description of real property) and 223.391 (Notice of proposed assessment to owner of affected lot) to 223.395 (Deficit assessments or refunds when initial assessment based on estimated cost) apply to economic improvement districts created by a city in accordance with ORS 223.112 (Definitions for ORS 223.112 to 223.132) to 223.132 (Formation of economic improvement districts as additional power of cities).

(2) The rights and duties accorded local governments and the owners of property for financing assessments under ORS 223.205 (Scope and application) and 223.210 (Right of property owners to apply for installment payment of assessment) to 223.295 (Limit on city indebtedness) apply to assessments levied upon property in an economic improvement district for financing all or part of the cost of an economic improvement. [1985 c.576 §7; 1991 c.902 §6; 2003 c.802 §3]