2015 ORS § 222.897¹
Study and plan for alleviation of health danger by city
  • procedure if city fails to act

(1) Upon receipt of a certified copy of the findings of the Oregon Health Authority under ORS 222.880 (Oregon Health Authority order or finding), the city council shall cause a study to be made and preliminary plans and specifications developed for the sanitary, water or other facilities necessary to remove or alleviate the conditions causing a danger to public health. The council shall prepare a schedule setting out the steps necessary to put the plan into operation and the time required for each step in the implementation of the plan. A copy of the plans and specifications and the time schedule shall, in the case where the danger to public health is caused by impure or inadequate domestic water, be submitted to the authority and in all other cases to the Environmental Quality Commission.

(2) If the city within 90 days, fails to complete the requirements in subsection (1) of this section, the authority shall conduct the necessary studies and prepare plans and other documents required for the consideration of the proposal and the final determination of the proceedings. The expense of the study and preparation of the plans and other documents shall be paid by the city upon vouchers properly certified by the Director of the Oregon Health Authority. [1975 c.639 §12; 2009 c.595 §189]