2015 ORS § 221.333¹
Parking ordinance violation
  • mode of charging defendant
  • notice as complaint

(1) In all prosecutions for violation of motor vehicle parking ordinances in cities, it shall be sufficient to charge the defendant by an unsworn written notice if the notice clearly states:

(a) The date, place and nature of the charge.

(b) The time and place for defendants appearance in court.

(c) The name of the issuing officer or other person authorized to issue the notice.

(d) The license number of the vehicle.

(2) The notice provided for in subsection (1) of this section shall either be delivered to the defendant or placed in a conspicuous place upon the vehicle involved in the violation. A duplicate original of the notice shall serve as the complaint in the case when it is filed with the court. In all other respects the procedure now provided by law in such cases shall be followed, but ORS 810.365 (Failure to appear on certain parking offenses) does not apply. The officer or person authorized to issue a citation need not have observed the act of parking, but need only have observed that the car was parked in violation of city ordinances. [Formerly 221.340]