2015 ORS § 205.360¹
Clerk to receipt and account for certain probate fees collected

The clerk of the county court shall receive and receipt for fees prescribed in ORS 21.170 (Probate filing fees and accounting fees) that are collected by the clerk, stating in the receipt the amount so received, from whom received and on what account the amount was received, specifying the cause or proceeding. If it is ascertained at any time that the clerk has received any such fees not so accounted for, or done service without collecting fees therefor as provided in ORS 21.170 (Probate filing fees and accounting fees), or neglected duty in any other respect, the payment of salary of the clerk shall be withheld until the matter is fully rectified. [Amended by 1981 s.s. c.3 §99; 2011 c.595 §136]