2015 ORS § 203.075¹
Applicable law for local improvement assessments

When a county governing body orders the construction of a local improvement and levies an assessment for all or part of the cost of the improvement against property benefited by the improvement, if there is a conflict between ORS 223.205 (Scope and application) to 223.295 (Limit on city indebtedness), 223.387 (Description of real property) to 223.399 (Powers of local government concerning assessments for local improvements), 223.405 (Definitions for ORS 223.405 to 223.485) to 223.485 (When reassessment authority inapplicable), 223.680 (Local government programs to finance energy improvements to real property) and 223.770 (Assessment of public property benefited by improvements) and a county charter, county ordinance or another statute, the charter, ordinance or other statute shall prevail. [1987 c.615 §2; 1991 c.902 §109; 1995 c.333 §14]