Vol. 11 Public Health, Housing, Environment

Title 36 Public health and safety

431. State and Local Administration and Enforcement of Health Laws
432. Vital Statistics
433. Disease and Condition Control; Mass Gatherings; Indoor Air
435. Birth Control; Termination of Pregnancy
436. Sterilization
437. Tuberculosis
438. Clinical and Environmental Laboratories
440. Health Districts; Port Hospitals
441. Health Care Facilities
442. Health Planning
443. Home Health Agencies; Residential Facilities; Hospice Programs
444. Special Medical Services for Children
445. Indigent Persons Injured in Motor Vehicle Accidents
446. Manufactured Dwellings and Structures; Parks; Tourist Facilities; Ownership Records; Dealers and Dealerships
447. Plumbing; Architectural Barriers
448. Pool Facilities; Water and Sewage Systems
450. Sanitary Districts and Authorities; Water Authorities
451. County Service Facilities
452. Vector and Weed Control
453. Hazardous Substances; Radiation Sources
454. Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems
455. Building Code
456. Housing
457. Urban Renewal
458. Housing and Community Services Programs; Individual Development Accounts
459A. Reuse and Recycling
459. Solid Waste Management
460. Elevators; Amusement Rides and Devices
461. Oregon State Lottery
462. Racing
463. Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Entertainment Wrestling
464. Games
465. Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materials I
466. Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materials II
467. Noise Control
468A. Air Quality
468B. Water Quality
468. Environmental Quality Generally
469A. Renewable Portfolio Standards
469. Energy; Conservation Programs; Energy Facilities
470. Small Scale Local Energy Projects
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