Chapter 809  Refusal, Suspension, Cancellation and Revocation of Registration, Title, Driving Privileges and Identification Card; Vehicle Impoundment

Suspension And Cancellation Of Registrations And Titles

§ 809.010 Court-ordered suspension
§ 809.020 Response to court-ordered suspension
§ 809.030 Restoration fee
§ 809.040 Hearing
§ 809.050 Revocation or suspension of registration of employer for failure to make future responsibility filing
§ 809.080 Failure to return suspended registration
§ 809.090 Cancellation of registration or title for failure to qualify
§ 809.095 Cancellation of registration for false certification of compliance with financial responsibility requirements

Registration, Driving Privileges Or Identification Card

§ 809.120 Court recommended suspension of registration or driving privileges for weight violation
§ 809.130 Suspension or revocation of registration or driving privileges for unsettled judgment
§ 809.135 Refusal to issue, revocation or suspension of driving privileges, identification card, registration or title for failure to use same name
§ 809.140 Administrative review of suspension, revocation or cancellation of identification card, registration or driving privileges

Driving Privileges

(Court Ordered Or Recommended Restrictions, Suspensions, Revocations Or Denials)

§ 809.210 Suspension or restriction of driving privileges for failure to pay fine or obey court order
§ 809.220 Failure to appear
§ 809.230 Court suspension or revocation of nonresident driving privileges
§ 809.235 Permanent revocation of driving privileges upon conviction of certain crimes
§ 809.240 Court imposition of suspension or revocation
§ 809.260 Denial of driving privileges for convicted juvenile
§ 809.265 Suspension for inhalant or controlled substances conviction

(Additional Authority Of Court)

§ 809.267 Additional fee upon notice of suspension or restriction
§ 809.270 Driver improvement course

(Procedures Following Court Suspension Or Revocation)

§ 809.275 Court to take possession of license or permit
§ 809.280 Department procedures following court order or recommendation

(Cancellation, Refusal To Issue, Suspension Or Revocation)

§ 809.310 Cancellation or suspension of driving privileges
§ 809.320 Cancellation on written request of parent or legal guardian
§ 809.360 General provisions relating to suspension or revocation of driving privileges
§ 809.380 Period of suspension
§ 809.390 Period of revocation
§ 809.400 Suspension or revocation for out-of-state conviction
§ 809.404 Disqualification from holding commercial driver license
§ 809.407 Suspension of commercial driver license for specified railroad crossing violations

(Habitual Offenders)

§ 809.600 Kinds of offenses and number of convictions
§ 809.605 Determination of which offenses count
§ 809.610 Restriction of driving privileges
§ 809.640 Procedures on habitual offender determination
§ 809.650 Effect of habitual offender revocation
§ 809.660 Restoration of privileges

Vehicle Impoundment And Immobilization; Seizure And Forfeiture

§ 809.698 Definition of "vehicle immobilization device"
§ 809.700 Court-ordered impoundment or immobilization upon conviction
§ 809.702 Tampering with vehicle immobilization device
§ 809.710 Authority to refuse to release vehicle to intoxicated person
§ 809.716 Hearing on impoundment
§ 809.720 Impoundment for specified offenses
§ 809.725 Notice following impoundment under city or county ordinance
§ 809.730 Seizure of motor vehicle for civil forfeiture