Chapter 708A Regulation of Institutions Generally

Powers of Institutions

§ 708A.005 Powers of institutions
§ 708A.010 Investments and activities of Oregon commercial banks
§ 708A.115 Investment in government obligations
§ 708A.120 Investment in stock of other corporations
§ 708A.125 Stock in corporations acquired to strengthen capital or eliminate undesirable assets
§ 708A.130 Definition for ORS 708A.135 to 708A.145

Loans Generally

§ 708A.250 Lending money
§ 708A.255 Interest rates on loans or uses of money
§ 708A.260 Accepting own stock as collateral
§ 708A.265 Accepting stock of other institutions as collateral
§ 708A.270 Real estate loans
§ 708A.275 Establishment of loan production office

Loan and Other Obligation Limits

§ 708A.290 "Capital" defined for ORS 708A.290 to 708A.375
§ 708A.295 Limitations on amount of obligations to Oregon commercial bank
§ 708A.300 Obligations secured by readily marketable collateral
§ 708A.305 Obligations of other financial institutions
§ 708A.310 Obligations of indorser of discounted commercial paper
§ 708A.315 Noncommercial short-term notes


§ 708A.400 Deposit accounts
§ 708A.405 Deposits
§ 708A.410 Savings accounts
§ 708A.415 Securing deposits by surety bond, letter of credit or insurance
§ 708A.420 Notice to depositor upon change in terms, charges, withdrawal conditions or decrease in interest rate
§ 708A.425 Deposit made in name of minor
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