Chapter 659A Unlawful Discrimination in Employment, Public Accommodations and Real Property Transactions; Administrative and Civil Enforcement


§ 659A.001 Definitions

Purpose and Policy

§ 659A.003 Purpose of ORS chapter 659A
§ 659A.006 Declaration of policy against unlawful discrimination
§ 659A.009 Declaration of policy against discrimination in employment because of age
§ 659A.012 State agencies to carry out policy against discrimination in employment
§ 659A.015 Affirmative action reports to include information on contracts to minority businesses

Unlawful Employment Discrimination Because of Race, Religion, Color, Sex, National Origin, Marital Status or Age

§ 659A.029 "Because of sex" defined for ORS 659A.030
§ 659A.030 Discrimination because of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, marital status or age prohibited

Unlawful Employment Discrimination Against Injured Workers

Unlawful Discrimination Against Injured Workers

§ 659A.040 Discrimination against worker applying for workers' compensation benefits prohibited
§ 659A.043 Reinstatement of injured worker to former position
§ 659A.046 Reemployment of injured worker in other available and suitable work
§ 659A.049 Rights of reinstatement and reemployment protected
§ 659A.052 Reemployment rights of injured state workers

Benefits for Injured State Workers and Covered Dependents

§ 659A.060 Definitions for ORS 659A.060 to 659A.069
§ 659A.063 State to continue group health benefits for injured worker and covered dependents
§ 659A.066 Worker may continue benefits after employer's obligation ends
§ 659A.069 Discrimination against state worker applying for benefits under ORS 659A.060 to 659A.069 prohibited

Unlawful Discrimination Against Persons With Disabilities

§ 659A.145 Discrimination against person with disability in real property transactions prohibited
§ 659A.106 Employers to whom ORS 659A.100 to 659A.145 apply
§ 659A.109 Discrimination against worker for using procedures in ORS 659A.100 to 659A.145 prohibited
§ 659A.112 Employment discrimination
§ 659A.100 Definitions for ORS 659A.100 to 659A.145
§ 659A.103 Policy

Family Leave

§ 659A.150 Definitions for ORS 659A.150 to 659A.186
§ 659A.153 Covered employers
§ 659A.156 Eligible employees
§ 659A.159 Purposes for which family leave may be taken
§ 659A.162 Length of leave
§ 659A.165 Notice to employer

Leave to Attend Criminal Proceeding

§ 659A.190 Definitions for ORS 659A.190 to 659A.198
§ 659A.192 Leave to attend criminal proceeding
§ 659A.194 Denying leave to employee prohibited
§ 659A.196 Notice to employer
§ 659A.198 Use of paid leave


Disclosures by Public Employees

§ 659A.200 Definitions for ORS 659A.200 to 659A.224
§ 659A.203 Prohibited conduct by public employer
§ 659A.206 Effect on public employer's authority over employees
§ 659A.209 Effect on public record disclosures
§ 659A.212 Policy on cooperation with law enforcement officials
§ 659A.215 Remedies not exclusive

Initiating or Aiding Administrative, Criminal or Civil Proceeding

§ 659A.230 Discrimination for initiating or aiding in criminal or civil proceedings prohibited
§ 659A.233 Discrimination for reporting certain violations or testifying at unemployment compensation hearing prohibited

Legislative Testimony

§ 659A.236 Discrimination for testifying before Legislative Assembly, committee or task force prohibited

Unlawful Employment Discrimination Relating to Employee Housing

§ 659A.250 Definitions for ORS 659A.250 to 659A.262
§ 659A.253 Restriction of access to employee housing owned or controlled by employer prohibited
§ 659A.256 Regulations by employers concerning use and occupancy of employee housing
§ 659A.259 Eviction from employee housing or discrimination against employee for reporting violations of ORS 659A.250 to 659A.262 prohibited
§ 659A.262 Warrant on behalf of person entitled to access to housing

Leave Required Because of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault or Stalking

§ 659A.270 Definitions for ORS 659A.270 to 659A.285
§ 659A.272 Employer required to provide leave
§ 659A.275 Undue hardship
§ 659A.277 Denying leave to employee prohibited
§ 659A.280 Notice to employer
§ 659A.285 Use of paid leave

Miscellaneous Unlawful Employment Discrimination

Prohibited Testing

§ 659A.300 Requiring breathalyzer, polygraph, psychological stress or brain-wave test or genetic test prohibited
§ 659A.303 Employer prohibited from obtaining, seeking to obtain or using genetic information
§ 659A.306 Requiring employee to pay for medical examination as condition of continued employment prohibited

Miscellaneous Provisions

§ 659A.321 Seniority systems and benefit plans not unlawful employment practices
§ 659A.309 Discrimination solely because of employment of another family member prohibited
§ 659A.312 Leave of absence to donate bone marrow
§ 659A.315 Restricting use of tobacco in nonworking hours prohibited
§ 659A.318 Discrimination relating to academic degree in theology or religious occupations prohibited

Unlawful Discrimination in Public Accommodations

§ 659A.400 Place of public accommodation defined
§ 659A.403 Discrimination in place of public accommodation prohibited
§ 659A.406 Aiding or abetting certain discrimination prohibited
§ 659A.409 Notice that discrimination will be made in place of public accommodation prohibited

Unlawful Discrimination in Real Property Transactions

§ 659A.420 "Purchaser" defined for ORS 659A.421
§ 659A.421 Discrimination in selling, renting or leasing real property prohibited

Administrative Actions for Unlawful Discrimination

Enforcement Powers of Bureau of Labor and Industries

§ 659A.800 Elimination and prevention of discrimination by Bureau of Labor and Industries
§ 659A.805 Rules for carrying out ORS chapter 659A
§ 659A.810 Willful interference with administration of law and violation of orders of commissioner prohibited
§ 659A.815 Advisory agencies and intergroup-relations councils

Complaint, Investigation and Hearing Procedures

§ 659A.820 Complaints
§ 659A.825 Complaints filed by Attorney General or commissioner
§ 659A.830 Authority of commissioner
§ 659A.835 Investigation
§ 659A.840 Settlement
§ 659A.845 Formal charges

Civil Actions for Unlawful Discrimination

§ 659A.870 Election of remedies
§ 659A.875 Time limitations
§ 659A.880 Ninety-day notice
§ 659A.885 Civil action
§ 659A.890 Civil action for violation of ORS 659A.865


§ 659A.990 Penalties
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