Chapter 621 Milk; Dairy Products; Substitutes

General Provisions

§ 621.003 Definitions
§ 621.010 Restraining violations
§ 621.012 Exception for small-scale on-farm sales
§ 621.015 Disposition of license fees
§ 621.018 Entry and use of fluid milk produced outside state

Grading and Standards of Identity

§ 621.056 Employment of grader
§ 621.057 Record of grade of milk
§ 621.058 Grades and standards of quality for milk, fluid milk and dairy products
§ 621.059 Definitions and standards of identity for cheese
§ 621.060 Establishing standards of quality and identity for fluid milk
§ 621.062 Deviation from standard of identity prohibited

Grade Designation Use

§ 621.070 License required to use grade designation
§ 621.072 Issuance of license to use grade designation
§ 621.073 Suspension of grade use privilege
§ 621.076 Container labeling
§ 621.078 Additional users of milk processing plant
§ 621.083 Procedures and equipment for graders

Weighing, Sampling and Testing

§ 621.084 Weighing, sampling and testing fluid milk
§ 621.088 Sale or possession of milk or cream to which water has been added
§ 621.092 Right of producer to be present at weighing, sampling or testing and to have own tests made
§ 621.093 Liability of licensee for inaccurate weighing, sampling, testing or recording
§ 621.094 Authority of department to take charge of weighing, sampling and testing upon noncompliance
§ 621.096 Regulations regarding weighing, sampling and testing

Prohibited Acts, Generally

§ 621.116 Prohibition against retail sale of unpasteurized milk from cows
§ 621.117 Distributor or producer-distributor may sell only milk that is pasteurized or from disease-free goats or sheep
§ 621.122 Prohibitions regarding sales, pasteurization, sampling, weighing, grading and containers
§ 621.124 Milk not to be sold if from diseased animals or from animals that have not been tested or retested for brucellosis

Dairy Products Plants

§ 621.161 Operation of dairy products plant without license prohibited
§ 621.166 Application for dairy products plant license
§ 621.169 Additional users of dairy products plant
§ 621.171 Issuance of license

Disease and Contamination Prevention

§ 621.176 Standards of construction for plants and facilities
§ 621.181 Standards of sanitation for operation of plants and facilities
§ 621.183 Prohibition against operating plant or facility that does not meet standards
§ 621.193 Standards for farm bulk storage facilities
§ 621.198 Prohibition against use or dealing with user of nonstandard bulk storage facilities
§ 621.203 Condemnation of unfit container and its contents

Ice Cream and Other Frozen Desserts

§ 621.311 Definitions and standards of identity for frozen desserts
§ 621.320 Labeling requirements for frozen desserts
§ 621.335 Licenses to make and sell frozen desserts at wholesale
§ 621.340 Selling frozen dessert with excessive bacteria count prohibited
§ 621.345 Sale or offering for sale of nonconforming product prohibited
§ 621.368 Revocation of licenses

Condensed or Evaporated Milk; Imitation Milk and Dairy Product Substitutes

§ 621.405 Definitions and standards for condensed or evaporated milk
§ 621.410 Requisites of milk used in manufacture of condensed or evaporated milk
§ 621.418 Standards for imitation milk products
§ 621.435 Substitute or imitation dairy products
§ 621.445 Restrictions on serving colored butter substitute in public eating place

State Facilities for Testing Milk Fat Content

§ 621.720 Testing for milk fat content required
§ 621.730 Department to provide testing
§ 621.740 Liability for payment of fees
§ 621.750 Sampling and testing


§ 621.991 Penalties
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