Chapter 543A Reauthorizing and Decommissioning Hydroelectric Projects

General Provisions

§ 543A.005 Definitions
§ 543A.010 Findings
§ 543A.015 Purpose
§ 543A.020 Policy
§ 543A.025 Minimum standards for decision on reauthorization of water right

Water Right Application Process for Reauthorizing a State Project

§ 543A.030 Notice of intent
§ 543A.035 Reauthorization application and public comment
§ 543A.040 Process determination
§ 543A.045 Public scoping meeting
§ 543A.050 Application report
§ 543A.055 Hydroelectric Application Review Team review of application

Water Right Application Process for Reauthorizing a Federally Licensed Project

§ 543A.060 Coordination of state and federal reauthorization processes
§ 543A.065 Changes to expiration date of water right for existing project
§ 543A.071 Water Resources Department notification to holder of hydroelectric license or water right for hydroelectric purposes
§ 543A.075 Notice of intent to apply for reauthorization of right to use water for hydroelectric purposes
§ 543A.080 Submission of preliminary application information
§ 543A.085 Public scoping meeting

Process for Completing Reauthorization of Water Right for Either State or Federally Licensed Project

§ 543A.120 Proposed final order
§ 543A.125 Approval or rejection of application for reauthorization
§ 543A.130 Contested case hearing
§ 543A.135 Exceptions to final order
§ 543A.140 Terms, limitations and conditions of water right
§ 543A.145 Water right certificate
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