Chapter 468B Water Quality

Water Pollution Control

§ 468B.005 Definitions for water pollution control laws
§ 468B.010 Authority of commission over water pollution
§ 468B.015 Policy
§ 468B.020 Prevention of pollution
§ 468B.025 Prohibited activities
§ 468B.030 Effluent limitations

Surface Water

§ 468B.040 Certification of hydroelectric power project
§ 468B.045 Certification of change to hydroelectric power project
§ 468B.046 Reauthorization of hydroelectric project not to limit authority of department related to certification of project for water quality purposes
§ 468B.047 Fees for state certification under section 401 of Federal Water Pollution Control Act
§ 468B.048 Rules for standards of quality and purity
§ 468B.050 Water quality permit

Forest Operations

§ 468B.100 Definitions for ORS 468B.105 and 468B.110
§ 468B.105 Review of water quality standard affecting forest operations
§ 468B.110 Authority to establish and enforce water quality standards by rule or order

Phosphate Cleansing Agents

§ 468B.120 Definitions for ORS 468B.120 to 468B.135
§ 468B.125 Policy to reduce phosphorous pollution
§ 468B.130 Prohibition on sale or distribution of cleaning agents containing phosphorous
§ 468B.135 Exemptions

Persistent Pollutants

§ 468B.138 Definitions for ORS 468B.138 to 468B.144
§ 468B.139 Report
§ 468B.140 Plans to reduce discharges of persistent pollutants
§ 468B.141 Rules
§ 468B.142 Order compelling compliance with rules
§ 468B.143 Persistent Pollutant Control Account

Ground Water

§ 468B.150 Definitions for ORS 468B.150 to 468B.190
§ 468B.155 State goal to prevent ground water contamination
§ 468B.160 Ground water management and use policy
§ 468B.162 Coordination of ground water activities
§ 468B.164 Encouragement of federal actions
§ 468B.165 Ground water contaminants

Underground Injection Control Program

§ 468B.195 Underground injection control program of federal Safe Drinking Water Act
§ 468B.196 Fees
§ 468B.197 Subsurface Injection Fluids Account

Animal Waste Control

§ 468B.200 Legislative findings
§ 468B.203 Applicability of 468B.200 to 468B.230
§ 468B.205 Definition of confined animal feeding operation
§ 468B.210 Maximum number of animals per facility
§ 468B.215 Fees
§ 468B.217 Memorandum of understanding with Department of Agriculture

Oil or Hazardous Material Spillage


§ 468B.300 Definitions for ORS 468B.300 to 468B.500
§ 468B.305 Entry of oil into waters of state prohibited
§ 468B.310 Liability for violation of ORS 468B.305
§ 468B.315 Duty to collect and remove oil
§ 468B.320 Action by state
§ 468B.325 Director's right of entry in response to oil spill

Contingency Planning

§ 468B.340 Legislative findings and intent
§ 468B.345 Oil spill contingency plan required to operate facility or covered vessel in state or state waters
§ 468B.350 Standards for contingency plans
§ 468B.355 Contingency plans
§ 468B.360 Review of contingency plan
§ 468B.365 Plan approval

Willful or Negligent Discharge

§ 468B.450 Willful or negligent discharge of oil
§ 468B.455 Oil Spillage Control Fund
§ 468B.460 Rules


§ 468B.475 Legislative finding
§ 468B.485 Methods of establishing financial assurance
§ 468B.495 Interagency response plan for oil or hazardous material spills in certain waters
§ 468B.500 Contents of plan

Pollutant Reduction Trading Programs

§ 468B.550 Short title
§ 468B.555 Trading program development
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