Chapter 468A  Air Quality

Air Pollution Control

§ 468A.005 Definitions for air pollution laws
§ 468A.010 Policy
§ 468A.015 Purpose of air pollution laws
§ 468A.020 Application of air pollution laws
§ 468A.025 Air purity standards
§ 468A.030 When liability for violation not applicable
§ 468A.035 General comprehensive plan
§ 468A.040 Permits

Tax Credit For Emission Prevention

§ 468A.095 Legislative findings
§ 468A.096 Application for certification
§ 468A.098 Certification

Regional Air Quality Control Authorities

§ 468A.100 Definitions for ORS 468A.010 and 468A.100 to 468A.180
§ 468A.105 Formation of regional air quality control authorities
§ 468A.110 Waiver of population requirements
§ 468A.115 Nature of authority
§ 468A.120 Board of directors
§ 468A.125 Board where population requirement waived
§ 468A.130 Advisory committee
§ 468A.135 Function of authority

Oregon Global Warming Commission

§ 468A.200 Legislative findings
§ 468A.205 Policy
§ 468A.210 Definitions for ORS 352.247 and 468A.200 to 468A.260
§ 468A.215 Oregon Global Warming Commission
§ 468A.220 Ex officio members
§ 468A.225 Meetings
§ 468A.230 Rules
§ 468A.235 Coordination of state and local efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Federal Operating Permit Program

§ 468A.300 Definitions for federal operating permit program
§ 468A.305 Purpose
§ 468A.310 Federal operating permit program approval
§ 468A.315 Emission fees for major sources
§ 468A.320 Accountability for costs of program
§ 468A.325 Priority of department work schedule
§ 468A.327 Requirement for adoption, amendment or repeal of rules
§ 468A.330 Small Business Stationary Source Technical and Environmental Compliance Assistance Program

Motor Vehicle Pollution Control

§ 468A.350 Definitions for ORS 468A.350 to 468A.400
§ 468A.355 Legislative findings
§ 468A.360 Motor vehicle emission and noise standards
§ 468A.363 Purpose of ORS 468A.363, 468A.365, 468A.400 and 815.300
§ 468A.365 Certification of motor vehicle pollution control systems and inspection of motor vehicles
§ 468A.370 Cost-effective inspection program
§ 468A.375 Notice to state agencies concerning certifications
§ 468A.380 Licensing of personnel and equipment

Woodstove Emissions Control

§ 468A.460 Policy
§ 468A.465 Prohibited acts relating to uncertified and unlabeled woodstove
§ 468A.470 Evaluation of woodstove emission performance
§ 468A.475 Use of net emission reductions in airshed
§ 468A.480 Standards and certification program
§ 468A.485 Definitions for ORS 468A.490
§ 468A.490 Residential Wood Heating Air Quality Improvement Fund
§ 468A.495 Prohibition on installation of used woodstoves

Field Burning And Propane Flaming

§ 468A.550 Definitions for ORS 468A.555 to 468A.620 and 468A.992
§ 468A.555 Policy to reduce open field burning
§ 468A.560 Applicability of open field burning, propane flaming and stack and pile burning statutes
§ 468A.565 Use of certified alternative thermal field sanitizer
§ 468A.570 Classification of atmospheric conditions
§ 468A.575 Permits for open burning, propane flaming or stack or pile burning
§ 468A.580 Permits
§ 468A.585 Memorandum of understanding with State Department of Agriculture

Chlorofluorocarbons And Halon Control

§ 468A.625 Definitions for ORS 468A.630 to 468A.645
§ 468A.630 Legislative findings
§ 468A.635 Restrictions on sale, installation and repairing of items containing chlorofluorocarbons and halon
§ 468A.640 Department program to reduce use of and recycle compounds
§ 468A.645 State Fire Marshal

Aerosol Spray Control

§ 468A.650 Legislative findings
§ 468A.655 Prohibition on sale or promotion
§ 468A.660 Wholesale transactions permitted

Asbestos Abatement Projects

§ 468A.700 Definitions for ORS 468A.700 to 468A.760
§ 468A.705 Legislative findings
§ 468A.707 Asbestos abatement program
§ 468A.710 License required for asbestos abatement project
§ 468A.715 Licensed contractor required
§ 468A.720 Qualifications for license
§ 468A.725 Grounds for license suspension or revocation
§ 468A.730 Worker certificate required

Indoor Air Pollution Control

§ 468A.775 Indoor air quality sampling
§ 468A.780 Schedule of fees
§ 468A.785 Pilot programs

Agricultural Operations And Equipment

§ 468A.790 Memorandum of understanding with State Department of Agriculture

Diesel Engines

§ 468A.793 Goal to reduce excess lifetime risk of cancer due to exposure to diesel engine emissions
§ 468A.795 Definitions
§ 468A.797 Standards for certified cost of qualifying repower or retrofit
§ 468A.799 Standards for qualifying repower of nonroad diesel engine or retrofit of diesel engine
§ 468A.801 Clean Diesel Engine Fund
§ 468A.803 Uses of Clean Diesel Engine Fund

Emission Reduction Credit Banks

§ 468A.820 Community emission reduction credit banks


§ 468A.990 Penalties for air pollution offenses
§ 468A.992 Civil penalties for open field burning violations