Chapter 459A Reuse and Recycling

Solid Waste Recovery Generally

§ 459A.005 Opportunity to recycle defined
§ 459A.010 Statewide goals
§ 459A.015 Commission duties
§ 459A.020 Statewide integrated solid waste management plan
§ 459A.025 Commission to adopt rules regarding waste disposal and recycling
§ 459A.027 Legislative findings

Specific Recycling Requirements

Electronic Devices

§ 459A.300 Legislative findings
§ 459A.305 Definitions for ORS 459A.305 to 459A.355
§ 459A.310 Applicability to manufacturers
§ 459A.315 Registration by manufacturer
§ 459A.320 Manufacturer program plan
§ 459A.325 Recycling fee for manufacturer participating in state contractor program

State Agencies

§ 459A.475 Legislative findings
§ 459A.480 State agency recycling program
§ 459A.485 System and procedures for separation and collection of solid waste
§ 459A.490 Paper conservation

Newsprint and Directories

§ 459A.500 Definitions for ORS 459A.500 to 459A.520
§ 459A.505 Minimum recycled content for newsprint
§ 459A.510 Report to consumer of amount of post-consumer waste in shipment
§ 459A.515 Annual report to department
§ 459A.520 Minimum recycled content for directories


§ 459A.550 Report on use of new and recycled glass

Used Oil Recycling

§ 459A.552 Recycling and recovery of used oil
§ 459A.554 Reduction, reuse and recovery of used oil
§ 459A.555 Definitions for ORS 459A.552 to 459A.599
§ 459A.560 Legislative findings
§ 459A.565 Used oil to be collected and recycled
§ 459A.570 Used oil information center


§ 459A.600 "Compost" defined
§ 459A.605 Rules for purchase of compost and sewage sludge by state
§ 459A.615 Programs to use compost and sewage sludge
§ 459A.620 Use of compost or sewage sludge by state agencies given priority


§ 459A.630 Motor vehicle mercury light switches


§ 459A.650 Definitions for ORS 459A.650 to 459A.665
§ 459A.655 Minimum reuse, recycled material or recycled content for rigid plastic containers
§ 459A.657 Recycling rate
§ 459A.660 Manufacturer records
§ 459A.665 Opportunity to recycle rigid plastic containers
§ 459A.675 Definitions for ORS 459A.675 to 459A.685

Beverage Containers; Bottle Bill

§ 459A.700 Definitions for ORS 459A.700 to 459A.740
§ 459A.705 Refund value required
§ 459A.710 Practices required of dealers and distributors
§ 459A.712 Liability of manufacturer, distributor and importer for failure to pay refund value of beverage containers
§ 459A.715 Refusal of dealer or distributor to accept or pay refund in certain cases
§ 459A.720 Indication of refund value


§ 459A.750 Recycling and waste reduction component of curriculum

Food Packaging Regulation

§ 459A.775 "State agency" defined
§ 459A.780 Prohibition against purchase or use of nonbiodegradable and nonrecyclable food packaging
§ 459A.785 Effective recycling program
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