Chapter 31  Tort Actions

Special Motion To Strike

§ 31.150 Special motion to strike
§ 31.152 Time for filing special motion to strike
§ 31.155 Exempt actions

Defenses Generally

§ 31.180 Certain felonious conduct of plaintiff complete defense in tort actions

Rules Governing Particular Claims For Relief


§ 31.200 Liability of radio or television station personnel for defamation
§ 31.205 Damages recoverable for defamation by radio, television, motion pictures, newspaper or printed periodical
§ 31.210 When general damages allowed
§ 31.215 Publication of correction or retraction upon demand
§ 31.220 Effect of publication of correction or retraction prior to demand
§ 31.225 Publisher's defenses and privileges not affected

(Wrongful Use Of Civil Proceeding)

§ 31.230 Wrongful use of civil proceeding

(Actions Against Health Practitioners And Health Care Facilities)

§ 31.250 Mandatory dispute resolution for certain actions against health practitioners and health care facilities

(Actions Against Construction Design Professionals)

§ 31.300 Pleading requirements for actions against construction design professionals

(Actions Against Real Estate Licensees)

§ 31.350 Pleading requirements for actions against real estate licensees

(Actions Arising From Injuries Caused By Dogs)

§ 31.360 Proof required for claim of economic damages in action arising from injury caused by dog

Advance Payments

§ 31.550 "Advance payment" defined
§ 31.555 Effect of advance payment
§ 31.560 Advance payment for death or personal injury not admission of liability
§ 31.565 Advance payment for property damage not admission of liability

Collateral Benefits

§ 31.580 Effect of collateral benefits