Chapter 279C Public Contracting - Public Improvements and Related Contracts

General Provisions

§ 279C.005 Definitions
§ 279C.010 Applicability

Architectural, Engineering, Land Surveying and Related Services

§ 279C.100 Definitions for ORS 279C.100 to 279C.125
§ 279C.105 Contracts for architectural, engineering, land surveying and related services
§ 279C.107 Public disclosure of contents of proposals for architectural, engineering or land surveying services
§ 279C.110 Selection procedure for architects, engineers and land surveyors
§ 279C.115 Direct contracts for services of architects, engineers and land surveyors
§ 279C.120 Selection procedure for related services

Procurement of Construction Services

General Policies

§ 279C.320 Contracts for construction other than public improvements
§ 279C.300 Policy on competition
§ 279C.305 Least-cost policy for public improvements
§ 279C.310 Limitation on contracting agency constructing public improvement
§ 279C.315 Waiver of damages for unreasonable delay by contracting agency against public policy
§ 279C.325 Limitation on contracting agency awarding contract to nonresident education service district

Competitive Bidding; Contract Specifications; Exceptions; Exemptions

§ 279C.330 "Findings" defined
§ 279C.335 Competitive bidding
§ 279C.340 Contract negotiations
§ 279C.345 Specifications for contracts
§ 279C.350 Exemption procedure
§ 279C.355 Evaluation of public improvement projects not contracted by competitive bidding

Solicitation; Contract Award; Rejection

§ 279C.360 Requirement for public improvement advertisements
§ 279C.365 Requirements for solicitation documents and bids and proposals
§ 279C.370 First-tier subcontractor disclosure
§ 279C.375 Award of contract or multiple contracts
§ 279C.380 Performance bond
§ 279C.385 Return or retention of bid security

Competitive Proposals

§ 279C.400 Competitive proposals
§ 279C.405 Requests for information, interest or qualifications
§ 279C.410 Receipt of proposals
§ 279C.412 Competitive quotes for intermediate procurements
§ 279C.414 Requirements for competitive quotes

Prequalification and Disqualification

§ 279C.430 Prequalification of bidders
§ 279C.435 Effect of prequalification by Department of Transportation or Oregon Department of Administrative Services
§ 279C.440 Disqualification from consideration for award of contracts
§ 279C.445 Appeal of disqualification
§ 279C.450 Appeal procedure for prequalification and disqualification decisions


§ 279C.460 Action by or on behalf of adversely affected bidder or proposer
§ 279C.465 Action against successful bidder
§ 279C.470 Compensation for contractor on contract declared void by court

Construction Contracts Generally

Required Contract Conditions

§ 279C.500 "Person" defined
§ 279C.505 Conditions concerning payment, contributions, liens, withholding, drug testing
§ 279C.510 Demolition contracts to require material salvage
§ 279C.515 Conditions concerning payment of claims by public officers, payment to persons furnishing labor or materials and complaints
§ 279C.520 Condition concerning hours of labor
§ 279C.525 Provisions concerning environmental and natural resources laws

Hours of Labor

§ 279C.540 Maximum hours of labor on public contracts
§ 279C.545 Time limitation on claim for overtime

Retainage and Payments

§ 279C.550 "Retainage" defined
§ 279C.555 Withholding of retainage
§ 279C.560 Form of retainage
§ 279C.565 Limitation on retainage requirements
§ 279C.570 Prompt payment policy


§ 279C.580 Contractor's relations with subcontractors
§ 279C.585 Authority to substitute undisclosed first-tier subcontractor
§ 279C.590 Complaint process for substitutions of subcontractors

Action on Payment Bonds and Public Works Bonds

§ 279C.600 Right of action on payment bond or public works bond of contractor or subcontractor
§ 279C.605 Notice of claim
§ 279C.610 Action on contractor's public works bond or payment bond
§ 279C.615 Preference for labor and material liens
§ 279C.620 Rights of person providing medical care to employees of contractor
§ 279C.625 Joint liability when payment bond not executed

Termination or Suspension of Contract for Public Interest Reasons

§ 279C.670 Application of ORS 279C.650 to 279C.670
§ 279C.650 "Labor dispute" defined
§ 279C.655 Extension and compensation when work suspended
§ 279C.660 Compensation when contract terminated due to public interest
§ 279C.665 Contractual provisions for compensation when contract terminated due to public interest

Prevailing Wage Rate

§ 279C.800 Definitions for ORS 279C.800 to 279C.870
§ 279C.805 Policy
§ 279C.807 Workforce diversity for public works projects
§ 279C.808 Rules
§ 279C.810 Exemptions
§ 279C.815 Determination of prevailing wage
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