State Administrative Agencies Generally

§ 182.010 Nonattendance of member of board or commission at meetings as forfeiting office
§ 182.020 Notice of meetings of boards and commissions
§ 182.030 Employment of persons advocating violent overthrow of the Government of the United States or Oregon prohibited
§ 182.040 Boards and commissions to pay counties for services
§ 182.050 Time and manner of payment to counties
§ 182.060 County clerk to record instruments affecting realty for state boards and commissions

Information Systems Security

§ 182.122 Information systems security in executive department
§ 182.124 Information systems security for Secretary of State, State Treasurer and Attorney General

Impact of State Agency Action on Families

§ 182.151 Assessment of impact of state agency action on families
§ 182.152 No right or benefit created

Relationship of State Agencies With Indian Tribes

§ 182.162 Definitions for ORS 182.162 to 182.168
§ 182.164 State agencies to develop and implement policy on relationship with tribes
§ 182.166 Training of state agency managers and employees who communicate with tribes
§ 182.168 No right of action created by ORS 182.162 to 182.168

Employee Suggestion Program


§ 182.310 Definitions for ORS 182.310 to 182.360
§ 182.320 Employee Suggestion Awards Commission
§ 182.330 Commission determination final
§ 182.360 Costs and payment of cash awards and administrative expenses

Productivity Improvement Programs

§ 182.365 Legislative findings
§ 182.375 State Productivity Improvement Revolving Fund
§ 182.380 Credit of certain savings to General Fund
§ 182.385 Identification of reduced expenses resulting from improved efficiency
§ 182.390 Plan for increased efficiency
§ 182.395 Ineligibility of new programs for credits

Rules Governing Agency Provided Housing

§ 182.415 Definitions for ORS 182.415 to 182.435
§ 182.425 State agency required to collect rental for housing provided to employees
§ 182.435 Schedule of reduction from fair rental value

Semi Independent State Agencies

Listing of Semi Independent State Agencies

§ 182.454 Semi-independent state agencies

General Provisions Relating to Semi Independent State Agencies

§ 182.456 Definitions for ORS 182.456 to 182.472
§ 182.460 Statutory provisions applicable to semi-independent state agencies
§ 182.462 Budgets for semi-independent state agencies
§ 182.464 Financial review by Secretary of State
§ 182.466 Powers of semi-independent state agencies
§ 182.468 Administrators

Ombudsman Services

§ 182.500 Mandatory report to Governor by person performing ombudsman services

Evidence Based Programs

§ 182.515 Definitions for ORS 182.515 and 182.525
§ 182.525 Mandatory expenditures for evidence-based programs

Environmental Justice Task Force

§ 182.535 "Natural resource agency" defined for ORS 182.535 to 182.550
§ 182.538 Environmental Justice Task Force established
§ 182.542 Duties of task force
§ 182.545 Duties of natural resource agencies
§ 182.550 Reports by natural resource agencies

Cross References

Note: Consult the Statutory Reference After the Name of the Agency or Officer in the Following

List to Determine the Correct Statutory Designation of the Agency or Officer.

The Following List Does Not, in Certain Cases, Contain the Statutory Designations of Those State

Officers or Agencies Subordinate to the Principal Officers or Agencies Listed.

Access and Habitat Board [State Department of Fish and Wildlife], 496.228

Accountancy, Oregon Board Of, 673.410

Peer Review Oversight Committee, 673.455

Acupuncture Advisory Committee, 677.780

Address Confidentiality Program [Department of Justice], 192.822

Adjutant General, 396.150, Const. Art. X, §3

Adjutants General, Assistant, 396.165

Administrative Hearings, Office of [Employment Department], 183.605

Administrative Hearings Oversight Committee, Office Of, 183.690

Administrative Law Judges [Workers' Compensation Board], 656.724

Administrative Services, Oregon Department Of, 184.305

Adult Offender Supervision, Interstate Commission For, 144.600 (Article Iii)

Adult Offender Supervision, Oregon State Council For, 144.600 (Article Iv)

Advocacy Commissions Office, Oregon, 185.005

Administrator, 185.010

Affirmative Action, Director Of, 243.315

Agricultural Development Division [State Department of Agriculture], 576.009

Agricultural Experiment Stations, Ch. 567


Director Of, 561.010

State Board Of, 561.372

State Department Of, 561.010

Airports, Rural, Pilot Program [Oregon Department of Aviation], 836.642

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs, Governor's Council On, 430.255

Alcohol Education Program [Oregon Liquor Control Commission], 471.541

Alcohol Server Education Advisory Committee, 471.547

All Terrain Vehicle Account Allocation Committee, 390.565

Anatomy, Demonstrator of [Oregon Health and Science University], 97.170

Anhydrous Ammonia Additive Review Committee, 561.760

Apiary Inspector, Chief, 602.020

Appraiser Certification and Licensure Board, 674.305

Apprenticeship and Training Council, State, 660.110

Architect Examiners, State Board Of, 671.120

Archivist, State, 357.815

Armed Forces Court of Appeals for Oregon, 398.420

Chief Judge, 398.420

Arts Commission, Oregon, 359.020

Asian Affairs, Commission On, 185.610

Asset Forfeiture Oversight Advisory Committee, 475 A.155

Athletic Commission Medical Advisory Committee, Oregon State, 463.149

Athletic Commission, Oregon State, 463.113

Athletic Trainers, Board of [Oregon Health Licensing Agency], 688.705

Attorney General, 180.010

Deputy, 180.130

Audits, Division of [Secretary of State], 297.010


Department Of, Oregon, 835.100

Director Of, 835.106

Board, State, 835.102

Bar, Oregon State, 9.010

Board of Governors, 9.025

House of Delegates, 9.136

Beef Council, Oregon, 577.210

Beginning Teacher and Administrator Mentorship Program [State Board of Education], 329.795

Bicycle Lane and Path Advisory Committee [Department of Transportation], 366.112

Bicycle Safety Program [Department of Transportation], 802.325

Black Affairs, Commission On, 185.420


Commission for The, 346.120

Industries for The, 346.190

Oregon School for The, 346.010

Board of Directors of The, 346.097

Blue Mountain Recovery Center, 426.010

Superintendent, 426.020

Boiler Rules, Board Of, 480.535

Brain, Biology and Machine, Center for [University of Oregon], 352.046

Brownfields Cleanup Program, Oregon Coalition [Economic and Community Development Department], 285 A.190

Building Codes Structures Board, 455.132

Business Registration Information Center [Secretary of State], 56.180

Capital Projects Advisory Board, 276.227

Capitol Foundation, Oregon State, 173.500

Career Schools, Advisory Committee On, 345.330

Charitable Checkoff Commission, Oregon, 305.695

Chief State Steward, 462.250

Child Abuse Assessment, Advisory Council On, 418.784

Child Abuse Multidisciplinary Intervention Program [Department of Justice], 418.783

Child Care

Commission For, 657 A.600

Division [Employment Department], 657 A.010

Advisory Committee, Resource and Referral Policies and Practices, 657 A.180

Child Fatalities, State Technical Assistance Team for [Department of Human Services], 418.706

Child Support, Division of [Department of Justice], 180.340

Child Welfare Services Advisory Committee, 418.005

Children and Families, State Commission On, 417.730

Children's Advocate, Office of [Department of Human Services], 417.810

Chiropractic Examiners, State Board Of, 684.130

Christmas Tree Advisory Committee, State, 571.515

Citizen Involvement Advisory Committee, State [Land Use], 197.160

Citizens' Utility Board, 774.030

Civil Service Boards, 242.330

Civil Service Commissions, 241.065, 242.706

Climate Change Research Institute, Oregon [Department of Higher Education], 352.247

Climate Service, Oregon [Oregon State University], 352.245

Clinical Social Workers, State Board Of, 675.510

Coast Safety Committee, Oregon, 468 B.415

Collections Unit [Department of Revenue], 293.250

College Savings Board, Oregon 529, 348.849

Columbia River Gorge Commission, 196.150

Columbia River Governance Commission, 542.550

Columbia River Highway Advisory Committee, Historic, 366.553

Columbia River Resource Task Force, 171.867

Commercialized Research Fund Advisory Council, Oregon, 284.730

Commodity Commissions, Agricultural, 576.062

Community Colleges and Workforce Development, Department Of, 326.370

Commissioner for Community College Services, 326.375

Title I B of Workforce Investment Act of 1998, 660.318, 660.339

Community Cultural Participation Grant Program, 359.436

Community Development Incentive Advisory Board, 458.710

Community Stewardship Corps, Oregon [Oregon Youth Conservation Corps], 418.658

Compensation and Conservation Ombudsman, 195.320

Compliance Advisory Panel, Small Business Stationary Source Technical and Environmental Compliance Assistance Program, 468 A.330

Comprehensive Revenue Restructuring, Task Force on (Sunsets January 12, 2009), 2007 C.862 §1

Conciliation Service, State [Employment Relations Board], 662.415

Connecting Oregon Communities Advisory Board [Economic and Community Development Department], 759.430

Construction Contractors Board, 701.205

Consumer Advisory Council [Department of Justice], 180.520

Consumer Advisory Council [Director of Human Services], 430.073

Consumer and Business Services, Department Of, 705.105

Continuing Care Retirement Community Advisory Council, 101.040


Department Of, 423.020

Deputy Director, 423.075

Director, 423.075

Enterprises, Oregon, 421.344

Administrator, 421.344

Facilities Siting Authority, 421.621

Ombudsman, 423.400

Cosmetology, Board Of, 690.155

Counselors and Therapists, Oregon Board of Licensed Professional, 675.775

Court Administrator, State, 8.110

Court of Appeals, 2.510

Chief Judge, 2.550

Court Procedures, Council On, 1.730

Legislative Advisory Committee, 1.760

Crime Prevention Information Center, Oregon Community, 181.755

Advisory Committee, 181.765

Coordinator, 181.760

Criminal Identification, Bureau of [Department of State Police], 181.066

Criminal Justice

Advisory Councils, Local, 1.851

Commission, Oregon, 137.654

Information Standards Advisory Board, 181.725

Research and Policy Institute [Mark O. Hatfield School of Government], 352.066

Scientific Advisory Committee, Oregon [Criminal Justice Research and Policy Institute], 352.067

Crops Advisory Committee, Minor, 634.600

Cultural Development Grant Program, 359.431

Dairy Air Quality, Task Force on (Sunsets January 12, 2009), 2007 C.799 §3

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Program, Oregon [Department of Human Services], 410.740

Deaf, Oregon School for The, 346.010

Board of Directors of The, 346.085

Debt Policy Advisory Commission, State, 286 A.250

Defense Force, Oregon State, Ch. 399

Deferred Compensation Advisory Committee, 243.505

Degree Authorization, Office of [Oregon Student Assistance Commission], 348.599

Dentistry, Oregon Board Of, 679.230

Denture Technology, State Board Of, 680.556

Detective Bureau, State [Department of State Police], 181.070

Developmental Fisheries Board, 506.465

Dietitians, Board of Examiners of Licensed, 691.485

Direct Entry Midwifery, State Board Of, 687.470

Disabilities Commission, Oregon, 185.130

Disability Issues Advisory Committee, 430.050

Dispute Resolution and Mediation Services Program for Public Bodies [Mark O. Hatfield School of Government], 36.179

District Best Practices Advisory Committee [Department of Education], 326.136

Domestic and Sexual Violence Services Program, Advisory Council on [Department of Justice], 147.471

Drinking Water Advisory Committee, State, 448.153

Drug Use Review Board, 414.355

Early Childhood System, Oregon, 417.727

Early Success Reading Initiative, 329.834

Eastern Oregon Training Center, 427.010

Superintendent, 427.010

Eastern Oregon University, 352.002

Economic and Community Development Commission, Oregon, 285 A.040

Advisory and Technical Committees, 285 A.060

Economic and Community Development Department, 285 A.070

Director, 285 A.070

Economic Revitalization Team [Office of Governor], 284.555

Economy, Governor's Council on Oregon's, 284.540


Department Of, 326.111

Joint Boards Of, 348.890

State Board Of, 326.021

Education and Workforce Policy Advisor, 660.312

Education Service Districts, 334.010

Education System Design Team (Sunsets January 12, 2009), 2007 C.839 §15

Educator Health Benefits, Task Force on (Operative July 1, 2011; Sunsets January 14, 2013), 2007 C.7 §20

Educators Benefit Board, Oregon [Oregon Department of Administrative Services], 243.862

Electric and Magnetic Field Committee, 469.480

Electrical and Elevator Board, 455.138

Electrologists and Permanent Color Technicians and Tattoo Artists, Advisory Council [to the Oregon Health Licensing Agency] For, 690.425

Emergency Board, 291.324

Emergency Fire Cost Committee, 477.440

Administrator, 477.460

Emergency Management, Office of [Oregon Military Department], 401.257

Advisory and Technical Committees, 401.267

Deputy Director, 401.263

Director, 401.261

Emergency Medical Service Committee, State, 682.039

Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems Program [Department of Human Services], 431.623

Emergency Medical Services for Children Advisory Committee [Department of Human Services], 431.671

Emergency Medical Services for Children Program [Department of Human Services], 431.671

Employee Suggestion Awards Commission, 182.320


Appeals Board, 657.685

Department, 657.601

Advisory Council, 657.695

Director, 657.608

Relations Board, 240.060

Service, Oregon State, 657.705

Energy Facility Siting Council [Oregon Department of Administrative Services], 469.450

Advisory Groups, 469.480

Energy, State Department Of, 469.030

Director, 469.040

Engineering and Land Surveying, State Board of Examiners For, 672.240

Engineering and Technology Industry Council [State Board of Higher Education], 351.663

Environmental Health Registration Board [Oregon Health Licensing Agency], 700.210

Environmental Justice Task Force, 182.538

Environmental Quality Commission, 468.010

Environmental Quality, Department Of, 468.030

Director, 468.040

Remedial Action Advisory Committee, 465.420

Technical Advisory Committee, 468 B.166

Euthanasia Task Force, 686.510

Expanded Options Program, 340.005

Expressing Milk in the Workplace, Advisory Committee On, 653.079

Facilities Authority, Oregon, 289.100

Fair Advisory Committee, State, 565.021

Fair Commission, County, 565.410

Fair Dismissal Appeals Board, 342.930

Fair, Oregon State, 565.040

Fair Plan Association, Oregon, 735.045

Family Health Insurance Assistance Program [Office of Private Health Partnerships], 735.722

Family Services Review Commission, 411.125

Family Support Advisory Council [Department of Human Services], 417.346

Farm Products, Central Filing System for [Secretary of State], 80.106

Fertilizer Research Committee, 633.479

Film and Video Board, 284.315

Film and Video Office, Oregon, 284.305

Fire Marshal, State, 476.020

Fire Service Policy Council, Governor's, 476.680

Fish and Wildlife

Commission, State, 496.090

Director, State, 496.112

State Department Of, 496.080

Fish Division, 496.124

Wildlife Division, 496.124

Fish Passage Task Force, 509.590

Fish Screening Task Force [State Department of Fish and Wildlife], 496.085

Fisheries Board, Developmental, 506.465

Fisheries Commission, Pacific Marine, 507.040, 507.050

Fishery Permit Board, Commercial, 508.755

Food Service Advisory Committee, State, 624.121

Forensic Laboratories [Department of State Police], 181.080

Forest Practice Committees [State Board of Forestry], 527.650

Forest Research Laboratory, 526.225

Advisory Committee, 526.225

Forest Resource Trust

Advisory Committee, 526.700

Loan Program, 526.705

Forest Resources Institute, Oregon, 526.610

Board of Directors, 526.610

Forest Trust Land Advisory Committee, 526.156

Forester, State, 526.031

Advisory Committee, 477.556

Forestry Department, State, 526.008

Forestry, State Board Of, 526.009

Freight Advisory Committee, 366.212

Fujian Sister State Committee, 285 A.148

Genetic Privacy and Research, Advisory Committee On, 192.549

Geologist Examiners, State Board Of, 672.615

Geologist, State, 516.120

Geology and Mineral Industries, State Department Of, 516.020

Governing Board, 516.080

Global Warming Commission, Oregon, 468 A.215

Government Ethics Commission, Oregon, 244.250

Graduate School of Social Work [Portland State University], 352.071

Ground Water Advisory Committee, 536.090

Growth Account Board, Oregon, 348.707

Hanford Cleanup Board, Oregon, 469.571

Health Care Acquired Infection Advisory Committee (Sunsets January 2, 2018), 2007 C.838 §4

Health Care Consumer Protection Advisory Committee, 743.827

Health Care Interpreters, Oregon Council on [Department of Human Services], 409.619

Health Care Professions, Practices and Procedures, Advisory Board, 431.190

Health Fund Board, Oregon [Department of Human Services] (Sunsets January 2, 2010), 2007 C.697 §5

Health Insurance Reform Advisory Committee, 743.745

Health Licensing Agency, Oregon, 676.605

Director, 676.610

Health Partnerships, Office of Private, 735.701

Health Policy and Research Advisory Committee, Office for Oregon, 414.751

Health Policy and Research, Office for Oregon [Oregon Department of Administrative Services], 442.011

Health Policy Commission, Oregon, 442.035

Health Professionals Program Supervisory Council, 677.615

Health Professions, Oregon Center for [Oregon Institute of Technology], 352.223

Health Resources Commission, 442.580

Health Services Commission, 414.715

Health Statistics, Center For, 432.010

State Registrar Of, 432.030

Healthy Streams Partnership, 541.407

Hearing Aids, Advisory Council On, 694.165

Hearings Division [Workers' Compensation Board], 656.708

Heritage Commission, Oregon, 358.570

Higher Education

Department Of, 351.010

State Board Of, 351.010

Western Interstate Commission For, 351.780

Higher Education Community Service Voucher Program [Oregon Student Assistance Commission], 348.427

Hispanic Affairs, Commission On, 185.320

Historic Assessment Review Committee, 358.511

Historic Cemeteries, Oregon Commission on [State Parks and Recreation Department], 97.774

Historic Preservation Officer, State, 358.565

Historic Preservation Revolving Loan Fund Review Committee, 358.666

Historic Preservation, State Advisory Committee On, 358.622

Historical Society, Oregon, 358.018

Home Care Commission, 410.602

Homeland Security Council, Oregon [Office of Emergency Management], 401.881

Hospital, Oregon State, 426.010

Superintendent, 179.331, 426.020

Housing and Community Services Department, 456.555

Director, 456.555

Housing Council, State, 456.567

Housing Innovation, Center for [University of Oregon], 352.048

Human Services, Department Of, 409.010

Director, 409.100

Volunteer Program, 409.360

Hunger and Homelessness, Interagency Council On, 458.525

Hunger Relief Task Force, 458.532

Hydroelectric Application Review Team, 543 A.035, 543 A.075, 543 A.300

Ignition Interlock Program [Department of Transportation], 813.600

Immunization and Vaccination Advisory Committee [State Board of Pharmacy], 689.645

Independent Multidisciplinary Science Team [Salmon Restoration], 541.409

Indian Services, Commission On, 172.100

Industrialized Housing Development Program [University of Oregon], 352.048

Injured Workers, Ombudsman for [Department of Consumer and Business Services], 656.709

Innovation Council, Oregon, 284.706

Institutional Physical Access Committees, Higher Education, 352.015

Insurance Guaranty Association, Oregon, 734.550

Interagency Coordinating Council (Special Education), State, 343.499

Interagency Shared Information System, 657.732

Interoperability Executive Council, State [Office of Emergency Management], 401.871

Interoperable Communication Plan, Oregon [Office of Emergency Management], 401.874

Invasive Species Council, 561.687

Investment Council, Oregon, 293.706

Jobs Plus

Advisory Board, 411.886

Implementation Council(s), 411.890

Program, 411.878

Judge Advocate, State, 398.012

Judicial Conference of the State of Oregon, 1.810

Judicial Fitness and Disability, Commission On, 1.410

Justice, Department Of, 180.210

Juvenile Compact Administrator, 417.040

Juvenile Court Cases, Disposition, Advisory Committee, 419 C.510

Juvenile Crime Prevention Advisory Committee [State Commission on Children and Families], 417.845

Juvenile Detention Education Program [Department of Education], 326.700

Keep Oregon's Rivers Clean Program [State Department of Fish and Wildlife], 496.490

Klamath River Basin Compact Commission, 542.620 (Article Ix)

Korean American Day Commission (Sunsets January 2, 2016), 2007 C.68 §2

Labor and Industries, Bureau Of, 651.020

Commissioner, 651.030

Lakes and Reservoirs, Center for [Portland State University], 352.068

Land Board, State, 273.031

Land Conservation and Development

Commission, 197.030

Department Of, 197.075

Director, 197.075, 197.085

Land Information System Advisory Committee, Oregon [Department of Revenue], 306.135

Land Use Board of Appeals, 197.810

Land Use Planning, Oregon Task Force on (Sunsets January 2, 2010), 2005 C.703 §1

Lands, Department of State, 273.041

Director, 273.161

Landscape Architect Board, State, 671.459

Landscape Contractors Board, State, 671.630

Law Commission, Oregon, 173.315

Law Enforcement Contacts Policy and Data Review Committee, 131.906

Law Enforcement Medal of Honor, Governor's Commission on The, 176.262

Legal Services Program [Oregon State Bar], 9.572

Legislative Administrator, 173.710

Legislative Advisory Committee [Council on Court Procedures], 1.760

Legislative Committees, See "Joint Legislative Committees" Under the Cross References to Ors Chapter 171

Legislative Counsel, 173.111

Legislative Fiscal Officer, 173.410

Legislative Revenue Officer, 173.800

Librarian, State, 357.015

Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association, Oregon, 734.800

Lifespan Respite Care Program, Oregon [Department of Human Services], 409.458

Administrator, 409.462

Advisory Council, 409.462

Liquor Control Commission, Oregon, 471.705

Local Citizen Review Boards [Judicial Department], 419 A.090

Local Health Officials, Conference Of, 431.330

Local Officials Advisory Committee, 197.165

Long Term Care Advisory Committee, 441.137

Long Term Care Ombudsman, 441.103

Lottery Commission, Oregon State, 461.100

Lottery, Oregon State

Assistant Director for Security, 461.190

Director, 461.150

Low Income Energy Assistance Programs, Advisory Committee, 458.515

Management Labor Advisory Committee, Workers' Compensation, 656.790

Manufactured Dwelling Park Community Relations, Office Of, 446.543

Manufactured Structures and Parks Advisory Board, 446.280

Marine Board, State, 830.105

Marine Director, State, 830.135

Maritime Pilots, Oregon Board of [Public Utility Commission of Oregon], 776.105

Mark O. Hatfield School of Government [Portland State University], 352.066

Mass Transportation Financing Authority, Oregon, 391.520

Massage Therapists, State Board Of, 687.115

Mechanical Board, 455.140

Medicaid Advisory Committee, 414.211

Medicaid Long Term Care Quality and Reimbursement Advisory Council, 410.550

Medical Board, Oregon, 677.235

Medical Care, Advisory Committee On, 656.794

Medical Examiner

Advisory Board, State, 146.015

Deputy State, 146.045, 146.065

State, 146.035

Medical Insurance Pool Board, Oregon, 735.610

Medical Marijuana, Advisory Committee on [Department of Human Services], 475.303

Medical Professional Liability Insurance, Professional Panel for Analysis Of, 2003 C.781 §10

Medical Technology Assessment Program Advisory Committee [Health Resources Commission], 442.583

Medically Involved Home Care Program [Department of Human Services], 417.345

Mental Health Advisory Board, 430.050

Mental Health Compact Administrator, 428.320

Military Council, 396.145

Military Department, Oregon, 396.305

Military Emergency Financial Assistance Program, Oregon, 396.362

Military Museum, Oregon, 396.555

Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business

Advocate for [Office of the Governor], 200.025

Office for [Department of Consumer and Business Services], 200.025

Mortuary and Cemetery Board, State, 692.300

Motorcycle Safety Program [Department of Transportation], 802.320

Municipal Debt Advisory Commission, Oregon, 287 A.630

Museum of Anthropology, Oregon State [University of Oregon], 352.045

Natural Heritage Advisory Council, 273.571

Natural Resources Division [Department of Agriculture], 561.400

Natural Resources, Institute for [Oregon State University], 352.239

Natural Resources Policy Administrator, 173.610

Naturopathic Examiners, Board Of, 685.160

Naturopathic Physicians Formulary, Council On, 685.145

New Crops Development Board, 561.700

Nursery Research and Regulatory Committee, State, 571.025

Nursing Home Administrators, Board of Examiners Of, 678.800

Nursing, Oregon State Board Of, 678.140

Nursing Services Program [Oregon Student Assistance Commission], 442.540

Nursing Shortage Coalition Committee, Oregon, 353.606

Obesity Prevention Initiative, Task Force for a Comprehensive (Sunsets January 12, 2009), 2007 C.904 §1

Occupational and Environmental Toxicology, Center for Research On, 353.460

Occupational Safety and Health Grant Program, 654.191

Occupational Therapy Licensing Board, 675.310

Ocean Policy Advisory Council, 196.438

Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee, 196.451

Opportunity Grant Program, Oregon [Oregon Student Assistance Commission], 348.205, 348.260

Optometric Nontopical Formulary, Council On, 683.240

Optometry, Oregon Board Of, 683.250

Oregon Community Power, 757.818

Board Nominating Committee, 757.830

Board of Directors, 757.834

Oregon Health and Science University (Public Corporation), Ch. 353

Board of Directors, 353.040

Oregon Opportunity Program, 353.559

President, 353.060

Task Force to Review Impact of Oregon Opportunity Program on Oregon Health and Science University, 353.563

Oregon Institute of Technology, 352.002

Oregon State University, 352.002

Oregon University System, 352.002

Chancellor Of, 351.075

Outdoor Youth Program Advisory Board, 418.243

Outfitters and Guides, Advisory Committee, 704.525

Pacific Fisheries Legislative Task Force, 171.865

Pacific Northwest Economic Region Delegate Council, 285 A.243

Pacific Northwest Electric Power and Conservation Planning Council, 169.803

Pacific Ocean Resources Compact, 196.180

Pain Management Commission [Department of Human Services], 409.500

Parks and Recreation

Commission, State, 390.114

Department, State, 390.111

Advisory Committee, County Parks and Recreation Areas, 390.134

Director, State, 390.127

Parole and Post Prison Supervision, State Board Of, 144.005

Patient Safety Commission, Oregon, 442.820

Administrator, 442.835

Board of Directors, 442.830

Patient Safety Reporting Program, Oregon, 2003 C.686 §4

Peer Review Oversight Committee [Oregon Board of Accountancy], 673.455

Penitentiary, Oregon State, 421.605

Superintendent, 179.331

Permanent Color Technicians and Tattoo Artists, Advisory Council [to the Oregon Health Licensing Agency] for Electrologists And, 690.425

Personnel Division [Oregon Department of Administrative Services], 240.055

Pesticide Analytical and Response Center, 634.550

Pharmacy Diversion Program Supervisory Council, 689.342

Pharmacy, State Board Of, 689.115

Physical Therapist Licensing Board, 688.160

Physician Assistant Committee, 677.540

Physician Credentialing Information, Advisory Committee on [Office for Oregon Health Policy and Research], 442.800

Physician Visa Waiver Program [Department of Human Services], 409.745

Plumbing Board, State, 693.115

Poet Laureate, 357.925

Poison Prevention Task Force, 431.890


Department of State, 181.020

Officers, State Building, 276.021

Officers, State Capitol, 276.023

Oregon State, 181.020

Superintendent of State, 181.200

Port of Coos Bay, Oregon International, Board of Commissioners, 777.920

Port of Portland, Ch. 778

Board of Commissioners, 778.205

Portland Metropolitan Studies, Institute of [Portland State University], 352.074

Portland State University, 352.002

Prescription Drug Program, Oregon [Department of Human Services], 414.312

Prevailing Wage Rate Advisory Committee, 279 C.820

Printer, State, 282.080

Prison Terms and Parole Standards, Advisory Commission On, 144.775

Private Activity Bond Committee, 286 A.615

Private Schools, Advisory Committee, 345.575

Progress Board, Oregon, 284.604

Project Coordinating Committee, 517.965

Property and Fiscal Officer for Oregon, U.s., 396.175

Protected Area Governing Committees, 634.226

Psychiatric Security Review Board, 161.385

Psychologist Examiners, State Board Of, 675.100

Public Accounts, Auditor of [Secretary of State], 293.505

Public Defense Services Commission, 151.213

Public Employees' Benefit Board [Oregon Department of Administrative Services], 243.061

Public Employees Retirement Board, 237.952, 238.630

Public Health Advisory Board, Oregon, 431.195

Public Health Director, 431.035

Public Health Officer, 431.045

Public Officials Compensation Commission, 292.907

Public Safety Coordinating Councils, Local, 423.560

Public Safety Memorial Fund Board [Board on Public Safety Standards and Training], 243.952

Public Safety Standards and Training

Board On, 181.620

Executive Committee, 181.638

Department Of, 181.630

Director, 181.635

Public Safety Strategies Task Force, 2007 C.832 §1

Public Utility Commission of Oregon, 756.014

Quality Education Commission, 327.500

Racing Commission, Oregon, 462.210

Radiation Advisory Committee, 453.645

Radiation Control Agency, State, 453.635

Radioactive Waste Management, Northwest Interstate Compact on Low Level, 469.930

Radiologic Technology, Board Of, 688.545

Real Estate Agency, 696.375

Real Estate Board [Real Estate Agency], 696.405

Real Estate Commissioner, 696.375

Recreation Trails Advisory Council, Oregon, 390.977

Refugee Child Welfare Advisory Committee, 418.941

Release Assistance Officer [Pretrial Release], 135.235

Remedial Action Advisory Committee, 465.420

Renewable Energy Center, Oregon [Oregon Institute of Technology], 352.221

Research Policy Recommendations, Council For, 351.880

Residential Structures Board, 455.135

Respiratory Therapist Licensing Board, 688.820

Responsible Vendor Program [Oregon Liquor Control Commission], 471.344

Restoration and Enhancement Board [State Department of Fish and Wildlife], 496.286

Revenue Advisory Council, Oregon (Sunsets January 12, 2009), 2007 C.862 §2

Revenue, Department Of, 305.025

Director Of, 305.035

Road User Fee Task Force (Sunsets January 2, 2010), 2001 C.862 §2

Rural Health

Coordinating Council, 442.490

Office of [Oregon Health and Science University], 442.475

Services Program [Oregon Student Assistance Commission], 442.555

Safe Employment Education and Training Advisory Committee, 654.189

Safety Committee for Oregon Coast, 468 B.415

Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program Advisory Committee [State Fish and Wildlife Commission], 496.460

School Safety, Center for [Department of Higher Education], 339.331

Sea Grant College [Oregon State University], 352.230

Search and Rescue Coordinator, 401.550

Secretary of State, Ch. 177, Const. Art. Vi, §1

Deputy, 177.040

Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission, 401.337

Senior Prescription Drug Assistance Program [Department of Human Services], 414.342

Senior Services, Governor's Commission On, 410.320

Sex Offender Treatment Board, 675.395

Shared Responsibility Steering Committee [Oregon Student Assistance Commission] (Sunsets January 2, 2012), 2007 C.802 §8

Shipping Transport of Aquatic Invasive Species Task Force (Sunsets January 12, 2009), 2007 C.816 §1

Short Term Fund Board, Oregon, 294.885

Shorthand Reporters Advisory Committee, Certified, 8.455

Sign Task Force (Sunsets January 12, 2009), 2007 C.199 §26

Sister State Committee, 285 A.143

Small Business, Ombudsman for [Department of Consumer and Business Services], 656.709

Small Scale Local Energy Project Advisory Committee, 470.070

Smoke Management Advisory Committee [State Forester], 477.556, 477.558

Soil and Water Conservation Commission, 561.395

South Slough Estuarine Sanctuary Management Commission, 273.554

Southern Oregon University, 352.002

Special Education

State Advisory Council For, 343.287

State Interagency Coordinating Council, 343.499

Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, State Board of Examiners For, 681.400

Spinal Cord Injury Research Board, 431.290

Spread the Word Program [Department of Education], 337.288

Stakeholders Advisory Committee [Oregon Department of Administrative Services], 291.038

State Accident Insurance Fund Corporation, 656.752

Manager, 656.754

State Governments, Council Of, 190.470

State Lands Advisory Committee [Oregon Department of Administrative Services], 270.120

Student Assistance Commission, Oregon, 348.510

Executive Director, 244.310

Supplemental Income Program, Oregon [Department of Human Services], 411.706

Support Enforcement, Interstate, State Information Agency [Office of Attorney General], 110.369

Supreme Court, Const. Art. Vii (A), §1

Chief Justice, 2.045

Surveying, State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land, 672.240

Sustainability Board [Oregon Department of Administrative Services], 184.427

Tattoo Artists, Advisory Council [to the Oregon Health Licensing Agency] for Electrologists and Permanent Color Technicians And, 690.425

Tax Court, Oregon, 305.405

Judge, 305.452

Tax Practitioners, State Board Of, 673.725

Tax Supervising and Conservation Commissions, 294.610

Teacher Corps Program, Oregon [Oregon Student Assistance Commission], 329.757

Teacher Standards and Practices Commission, 342.350


Coordinating Council, Oregon (Sunsets January 2, 2010), 2001 C.699 §1

Devices Access Program Advisory Committee (Sunsets January 1, 2010), 1987 C.290 §12

Tourism Commission, Oregon, 285 A.261

Training Center Review Board, State, 427.205

Transportation Commission, Oregon, 184.612

Transportation, Department Of, 184.615

Director, 184.620

Transportation Safety Committee, 802.300

Travel Information Council, 377.835

Treasurer, State, Ch. 178, Const. Art. Vi, §1

Chief Deputy, 178.060

Tri County Building Industry Service Center, 455.044

Troops to Teachers Program, Oregon [Oregon Student Assistance Commission], 348.283

Trustees of State Library, 357.010

Trust for Cultural Development Board, 359.410

21st Century Schools Council, 329.704

21st Century Schools Program, Ch. 329

Uniform State Laws, Commission On, 172.010

University of Oregon, 352.002

University of Oregon School of Law, 352.043

Utility Notification Center, Oregon (Independent Not for Profit Public Corporation), 757.547

Utility Pole and Pole Attachment Safety and Efficiency, Task Force on [Public Utility Commission], 1999 C.832 §9

Vehicle Dealer Regulation Advisory Committee [Department of Transportation], 802.370

Venture Grant Program [Department of Higher Education], 351.692

Veterans' Affairs

Advisory Committee On, 406.210

Department Of, 406.005

Director Of, 406.020

Veterans' Emergency Financial Assistance Program, Oregon, 408.500

Veterinarian, State, 596.210

Veterinary Medical Examining Board, Oregon State, 686.210

Violations Bureau [Courts], 153.800

Virtual School District, Oregon [Department of Education], 329.840

Vocational Rehabilitation Services, State Advisory Committee on [Director of Human Services], 344.735

Volunteers Commission for Voluntary Action and Service, Oregon [Housing and Community Services Department], 458.555

Wage and Hour Commission, 653.505

Water Resources

Commission, 536.022

Department, 536.039

Director, 536.032

Watershed Enhancement Board, Oregon, 541.360

Weed Board, State, 561.650

Well Constructors Continuing Education Committee (Sunsets January 2, 2014), 2001 C.496 §2

Western Oregon University, 352.002

Western States Legislative Forestry Task Force, 171.860

Wheat Commission, Oregon, 578.030

Wildlife Law Violator Compact, Administrator, 496.750

Willamette River Cleanup Authority, 468.533

Wine Board, Oregon, 576.753

Winter Recreation Advisory Committee, 802.350

Women, Commission For, 185.520

Workers' Compensation Board, 656.712

Workforce Investment Board, State, 660.321

Youth Authority, Oregon, 420 A.010

Director, 420 A.015

Youth Conservation Corps, Oregon [Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development], 418.653

Advisory Committee, 418.653

Youth Corrections Education Program [Department of Education], 326.700

Youth Suicide Prevention Coordinator [Department of Human Services], 418.704

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