ORS 94.590¹
Amendment of declaration by owners

(1)(a) The declaration may be amended only with the approval of owners representing at least 75 percent of the total votes in the planned community or any larger percentage specified in the declaration.

(b) An amendment under this section may not:

(A) Limit or diminish any right of a declarant reserved under ORS 94.580 (Declaration) (3) or (4) or any other special declarant right without the consent of the declarant. A declarant may waive the declarant’s right of consent.

(B) Change the boundaries of any lot or any uses to which any lot or unit is restricted as stated in the declaration under ORS 94.580 (Declaration) (2)(m) or change the method of determining liability for common expenses, the method of determining the right to common profits or the method of determining voting rights of any lot or unit unless the owners of the affected lots or units unanimously consent to the amendment.

(c) Any changes to the plat, including required approvals or consents of owners or others, are governed by the applicable provisions of ORS 92.010 (Definitions for ORS 92.010 to 92.190) to 92.190 (Effect of replat).

(2)(a) Unless otherwise provided in the declaration, an amendment to the declaration may be proposed by a majority of the board of directors or by at least 30 percent of the owners in the planned community.

(b) When the association adopts an amendment to the declaration, the association shall record the amendment in the office of the recording officer in each county in which the planned community is located. An amendment of the declaration is effective only upon recordation.

(3) Notwithstanding a provision in a declaration that requires amendments to be executed and acknowledged by all owners approving the amendment, amendments to a declaration under this section shall be executed and certified on behalf of the association by the president and secretary as being adopted in accordance with the declaration and the provisions of this section and acknowledged in the manner provided for acknowledgment of deeds.

(4) An amendment to a declaration or plat shall be conclusively presumed to have been regularly adopted in compliance with all applicable procedures relating to such amendment unless an action is brought within one year after the date such amendment was recorded or the face of the recorded amendment indicates that the amendment received the approval of fewer votes than required for such approval. However, nothing in this subsection shall prevent the further amendment of an amended declaration or plat.

(5) During any period of declarant control, voting on an amendment under subsection (1) of this section shall be without regard to any weighted vote or special voting right reserved by the declarant except as otherwise provided under ORS 94.585 (Authority to amend declaration and initial bylaws to comply with federal or state laws). Nothing in this subsection is intended to prohibit a declarant from reserving the right to require the declarant’s consent to an amendment during the period reserved in the declaration for declarant control.

(6) The board of directors, upon the adoption of a resolution, may cause a restated declaration to be prepared and recorded to codify individual amendments that have been adopted in accordance with this section or ORS 94.585 (Authority to amend declaration and initial bylaws to comply with federal or state laws) without the further approval of owners. A declaration restated under this subsection must:

(a) Include all previously adopted amendments in effect and may not include any other changes except to correct scriveners’ errors or to conform format and style;

(b) Include a statement that the board of directors has adopted a resolution in accordance with this subsection and is causing the declaration to be restated and recorded under this subsection;

(c) Include a reference to the recording index numbers and date of recording of the initial declaration and all previously recorded amendments in effect being codified;

(d) Include a certification by the president and secretary of the association that the restated declaration includes all previously adopted amendments in effect and no other changes except, if applicable, to correct scriveners’ errors or to conform format and style; and

(e) Be executed and acknowledged by the president and secretary of the association and recorded in the deed records of each county in which the planned community is located. [1981 c.782 §21; 1999 c.677 §5; 2001 c.756 §9; 2003 c.569 §7; 2007 c.410 §22]

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