2007 ORS § 9.527¹
Grounds for disbarment, suspension or reprimand

The Supreme Court may disbar, suspend or reprimand a member of the bar whenever, upon proper proceedings for that purpose, it appears to the court that:

(1) The member has committed an act or carried on a course of conduct of such nature that, if the member were applying for admission to the bar, the application should be denied;

(2) The member has been convicted in any jurisdiction of an offense which is a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or a felony under the laws of this state, or is punishable by death or imprisonment under the laws of the United States, in any of which cases the record of the conviction shall be conclusive evidence;

(3) The member has willfully disobeyed an order of a court requiring the member to do or forbear an act connected with the legal profession;

(4) The member is guilty of willful deceit or misconduct in the legal profession;

(5) The member is guilty of willful violation of any of the provisions of ORS 9.460 (Duties of attorneys) or 9.510 (Solicitation by attorneys);

(6) The member is guilty of gross or repeated negligence or incompetence in the practice of law; or

(7) The member has violated any of the provisions of the rules of professional conduct adopted pursuant to ORS 9.490 (Formulation of rules of professional conduct). [Formerly 9.480; 1989 c.1052 §11]