2007 ORS § 805.206¹
Application fee and costs for plates issued under ORS 805.205

A group, institution or organization that requests issuance of a plate under ORS 805.205 (Issuance of special plates for certain groups) shall pay to the Department of Transportation an application fee of $10,000 in addition to all of the department’s anticipated costs of adding the group to the program. The department may not begin creating or issuing the plates until the application fee and anticipated costs are paid. If 1,000 sets of the plates are purchased in the first 12 months that the plates are available, the department shall refund the application fee. For purposes of this section, costs of adding a new group include, but are not limited to, computer programming costs and vendor set-up fees. [1997 c.672 §3; 2003 c.409 §4; 2007 c.564 §8]