2007 ORS § 756.610¹
Judicial review

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, final orders of the Public Utility Commission are subject to judicial review as orders in contested cases under the provisions of ORS 183.480 (Judicial review of agency orders) to 183.497 (Awarding costs and attorney fees when finding for petitioner).

(2) ORS 183.482 (Jurisdiction for review of contested cases) (3) does not apply to judicial review of an order of the Public Utility Commission. At any time after filing a petition for judicial review of a final order of the commission, the petitioner may apply to the Court of Appeals for a stay of the order until the final disposition of the appeal. The court may grant a stay for cause shown. As a condition of granting a stay, the court may require a bond or other security, or impose such other conditions as the court deems appropriate. A stay may be granted only after notice to the commission and opportunity for hearing. Any bond required by the court must be executed in favor of the commission for the benefit of interested persons, and may be enforced by the commission or by any interested person. [Amended by 1971 c.655 §62; 2003 c.576 §559; 2005 c.638 §6]

Note: Section 20 (2), chapter 638, Oregon Laws 2005, provides:

Sec. 20. (2) Notwithstanding the repeal of ORS 756.580, 756.585, 756.590, 756.594, 756.598 and 756.600 by section 21 of this 2005 Act and the amendments to ORS 756.610 (Judicial review) by section 6 of this 2005 Act, any findings of fact, conclusions of law or order that becomes subject to suit under ORS 756.580 (repealed by this 2005 Act) before the effective date of this 2005 Act [January 1, 2006] shall be governed by ORS 756.580, 756.585, 756.590, 756.594, 756.598 and 756.600 as though those sections had not been repealed by this 2005 Act and ORS 756.610 (Judicial review) as though ORS 756.610 (Judicial review) had not been amended by this 2005 Act. [2005 c.638 §20(2)]