2007 ORS § 742.500¹
Definitions for ORS 742.500 to 742.506

As used in ORS 742.500 (Definitions for ORS 742.500 to 742.506) to 742.506 (Allocation of responsibility among insurers):

(1) "Uninsured motorist coverage" means coverage within the terms and conditions specified in ORS 742.504 (Required provisions of uninsured motorist coverage) insuring the insured, the heirs or legal representative of the insured for all sums which the insured or they shall be legally entitled to recover as damages for bodily injury or death caused by accident and arising out of the ownership, maintenance or use of an uninsured motor vehicle in amounts or limits not less than the amounts or limits prescribed for bodily injury or death under ORS 806.070 (Minimum payment schedule).

(2) "Motor vehicle" means every self-propelled device in, upon or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a public highway, but does not include:

(a) Devices used exclusively upon stationary rails or tracks;

(b) Motor trucks as defined in ORS 801.355 ("Motor truck") that have a registration weight, as defined by ORS 803.430 (Certain vehicles required to establish registration weight for fee determination) of more than 8,000 pounds, when the insured has employees who operate such trucks and such employees are covered by any workers’ compensation law, disability benefits law or any similar law; or

(c) Farm-type tractors or self-propelled equipment designed for use principally off public highways. [Formerly 743.786]