ORS 716.024¹
Provisions of Bank Act applicable to Oregon savings banks and Oregon stock savings banks

(1) The provisions of ORS chapter 706 relating to financial institutions, the following sections in the Bank Act and any other provisions of the Bank Act that by their terms pertain to Oregon savings banks shall apply to Oregon savings banks: ORS 707.075 (Banking institution name), 707.080 (Investigation and ruling on application), 707.090 (Refusal to file articles of incorporation or grant charter after approval of application), 707.100 (Time for submitting articles of incorporation), 707.120 (Issuance of certificate of incorporation when filings conform to law), 707.145 (Grounds for refusing authority to organize), 707.150 (Refusal of authority to organize), 707.155 (Authority to require additional investigatory information), 707.170 (Effective date of charter), 707.180 (Location of principal place of business), 707.252 (Filing of amended articles of incorporation), 707.254 (Effective date of amended articles of incorporation), 707.625 (Exemption from personal liability for good faith acts or omissions in compliance with statute, rule or order), 707.642 (Organizational meeting of directors), 707.646 (Staggered terms for directors) (1), 707.660 (General standards for directors), 707.665 (General standards for officers), 707.670 (Regular meetings of directors) to 707.764 (Application of ORS 707.744 to 707.762), 708A.175 (Right to purchase, hold and dispose of real and personal property), 708A.405 (Deposits), 708A.410 (Savings accounts), 708A.420 (Notice to depositor upon change in terms, charges, withdrawal conditions or decrease in interest rate) to 708A.535 (Granting security interests in institution assets), 708A.590 (Charging off real estate assets), 708A.600 (Charging off bad debts), 708A.640 (Receiving illegal compensation), 708A.645 (Illegal guaranty or indorsement), 708A.655 (Procedures for opening safe deposit box after death of person who was sole lessee or last surviving lessee of box), 708A.990 (Civil penalties), 711.405 (When institution deemed insolvent) to 711.670 (Compliance with ORS 711.620 to 711.670 as defense to depositor's action), 711.980 (Civil penalties) and 714.075 (Reports of deposits held at branches).

(2) In addition to the statutes listed in subsection (1) of this section, to the extent applicable, the following provisions of the Bank Act apply to Oregon stock savings banks: ORS 707.050 (Initial paid-in capital requirement), 707.110 (Execution and submission of articles of incorporation), 707.140 (Submission of organization information), 707.195 (Offering documents for sale of stock), 707.200 (Payments by subscribers of full amount of stock subscriptions) to 707.230 (Transfer of stock), 707.244 (Amendment of articles of incorporation) to 707.250 (Execution of amendments to articles of incorporation), 707.256 (Restated articles of incorporation), 707.258 (Terms of class of shares or series within class determined by board of directors) to 707.272 (Paid-in capital), 707.350 (Payment prior to issuance of certificate of stock), 707.380 (Limitation on dividends) to 707.410 (Record of dividends declared), 707.415 (Report of dividends declared), 707.610 (Annual and special stockholder meetings) to 707.623 (Modification of quorum or voting requirements), 707.644 (Committees of board of directors), 707.646 (Staggered terms for directors) (2) and 707.648 (Removal of directors by shareholders). [1973 c.797 §345; 1975 c.544 §44; 1977 c.555 §15; 1979 c.88 §24; 1981 c.192 §24; 1983 c.37 §25; 1983 c.367 §4; 1985 c.762 §46; 1985 c.786 §46; 1985 c.796 §4; 1987 c.197 §8a; 1989 c.324 §72; 1997 c.631 §331; 1999 c.506 §4]

Chapter 716

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Applicability of licensing and registra­tion require­ments under Bank Act to loan solicita­tion office operating in Oregon, (1985) Vol. 44, p 378

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