2007 ORS § 633.341¹
Additional labeling requirements for agricultural mineral

In addition to the labeling requirements under ORS 633.321 (Labeling requirements for fertilizer, agricultural mineral, agricultural amendment and lime products), the label for an agricultural mineral must include the following:

(1) The percentage of sulfur contained in the product if the principal ingredient of the agricultural mineral is sulfur.

(2) The percentage of calcium sulfate, if the product is gypsum, landplaster or plaster or is an agricultural mineral in which calcium sulfate (CaSO[4] o 2H[2]O) is the principal ingredient.

(3) The percentage of all ingredients contained in the product, in terms prescribed by the State Department of Agriculture, for all other agricultural minerals or mixtures of agricultural minerals with a principal ingredient other than sulfur or calcium sulfate. [2001 c.914 §7]