2007 ORS § 549.610¹
Water Resources Commission to participate on behalf of state in federal flood control projects
  • powers and duties of commission

The Water Resources Commission is directed to carry out, for and on behalf of the state, the state’s participation in federal flood control projects. In discharging this responsibility, the commission, or one or more of its members or employees designated by the commission to represent it, may sign agreements with the federal government and other persons, to integrate, if possible, into the federal project necessary or desirable state or local features and works, to relocate facilities displaced by such projects and to perform all other acts connected with and necessary to such participation. Work to be done by the state may be carried out by contract or by available state forces or by a combination of these two methods. If the commission deems it to be in the public interest, they may agree with public or quasi-public bodies and other persons affected by such projects to have such bodies or persons perform the work. The commission shall, in all instances, carry out the powers and duties imposed upon it by ORS 549.605 (Definitions for ORS 549.605 to 549.645) to 549.645 (Waiver of state's immunity to suit or action) in a manner which will comply with federal flood control legislation and rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to such legislation. [1957 c.466 §2]