2007 ORS § 549.110¹
Application to county court for authority to build drainage ditch or levee, or to widen or straighten a stream

(1) When any person owns land which requires draining, or any incorporated city in which there is any ditch, standing water or surplus water requiring draining has no means of draining such ditch, standing water or surplus water, and objection is made by the owners of adjacent land to the construction thereon or thereover of necessary means of drainage, such person or city may make application in writing to the county court of the county in which such land or city is situated, for the right of way or privilege to cut or dig or construct sufficient means of drainage over the adjacent land.

(2) Likewise any person or municipal corporation whose land is so situated that it is injured or liable to be injured by floodwaters from any natural stream flowing through or near the land may make application to the county court for the right to enlarge or straighten the bed of such natural stream, or strengthen or build up the banks so as to protect such lands from overflow or injury.