ORS 537.132¹
Exemption from permit requirement for use of reclaimed water
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(1) The provisions of ORS 537.130 (Permit to appropriate water required) requiring application for a permit to appropriate water shall not apply to the use of reclaimed water, if:

(a) The use of reclaimed water is authorized by the national pollutant discharge elimination system or water pollution control facilities permit issued pursuant to ORS 468B.050 (Water quality permit) or 468B.053 (Alternatives to obtaining water quality permit);

(b) The Department of Environmental Quality, in reviewing an application for a permit pursuant to ORS 468B.050 (Water quality permit) or 468B.053 (Alternatives to obtaining water quality permit), has consulted with the State Department of Fish and Wildlife on the impact to fish and wildlife to determine that the application of reclaimed water under ORS 537.130 (Permit to appropriate water required), 537.131 (Reclaimed water), 537.132 (Exemption from permit requirement for use of reclaimed water), 540.510 (Appurtenancy of water to premises) and 540.610 (Use as measure of water right) shall not have a significant negative impact on fish and wildlife; and

(c) The Department of Environmental Quality has determined the use of reclaimed water is intended to improve the water quality of the receiving stream.

(2) Any person using or intending to use reclaimed water shall file with the Water Resources Department a reclaimed water registration form setting forth the following:

(a) Name and mailing address of the registrant;

(b) The date the use of reclaimed water is initiated;

(c) Source of reclaimed water supply, including a description of the location of the reclaimed water treatment facility and the name and mailing address of the owner and operator of the facility;

(d) Nature of the use of the reclaimed water;

(e) Amount of reclaimed water used or proposed to be used;

(f) Location and description of the ditch, canal, pipeline or any other conduction facility used or to be used to transport the reclaimed water from the treatment facility to the place of use;

(g) A statement declaring the existence of a written contract or agreement to provide reclaimed water including the name and address of the reclaimed water provider and the date and terms of such contract or agreement;

(h) A description of the season of use and the place of use of the reclaimed water, and any restrictions applicable to the use of the reclaimed water; and

(i) If the reclaimed water is used in lieu of using water under an existing water right, the application, permit and certificate number of such right, or if the right is granted pursuant to a decree of circuit court, the volume and page number setting forth the right.

(3) If a municipality has discharged waste water into a natural watercourse for five or more years, and the discharge represents more than 50 percent of the total average flow of the natural watercourse and if such discharge would cease as a result of the use of reclaimed water in accordance with the provisions of ORS 540.510 (Appurtenancy of water to premises) (3) and this section, the director of the department shall notify any persons who, according to the department records, have a water right that may be affected by the cessation of the discharge by the municipality.

(4) If a person holding an affected water right demonstrates to the department that the cessation of discharge by the municipality substantially impairs the ability to satisfy a water right, the person shall be entitled to a preference to the use of the reclaimed water. However, the delivery of the reclaimed water to the person claiming such preference shall be accomplished through a conveyance facility or channel other than a natural watercourse.

(5) If a municipality has a less expensive alternative for the disposal and distribution of the reclaimed water, the municipality shall not be obligated to incur expenses or cost beyond the expenses or costs of such alternative.

(6) The Water Resources Commission shall adopt rules to implement the notice and preference provisions and impairment evaluation standards of this section. [1991 c.370 §3; 1997 c.286 §8]

Note: 537.132 (Exemption from permit requirement for use of reclaimed water) was added to and made a part of ORS chapter 537 by legislative action but was not added to any smaller series therein. See Preface to Oregon Revised Statutes for further explanation.

Chapter 537

Notes of Decisions

Water control district, in applying for wa­ter appropria­tion permit for hydroelectric project, was exempt from licensing pro­vi­sions of ORS 543.010 (Definitions for ORS 543.010 to 543.610) to 543.620 and needed only to comply with require­ments of this Chapter. Steamboaters v. Winchester Water Control Dist., 69 Or App 596, 688 P2d 92 (1984), Sup Ct review denied

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Reserva­tion to state of "all coal and other minerals" in deed of land by state as reserva­tion of geothermal resources, (1980) Vol 41, p 298

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