2007 ORS 506.011¹
Types of marine life defined

As used in the commercial fishing laws, unless the context requires otherwise:

(1) "Anadromous fish" includes but is not limited to salmon, as defined in ORS 506.016 ("Salmon" defined); roccus saxatilis, commonly known as striped bass; alosa sapidissima, commonly known as shad; acipenser medirostris and acipenser transmontanus, commonly known as sturgeon; and thaleichthys pacificus, commonly known as smelt.

(2) "Animals living intertidally on the bottom" includes but is not limited to starfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, snails, bivalves, worms, coelenterates and shore, hermit and other small crabs not included within subsection (1) or (7) of this section.

(3) "Black rockfish" means sebastes melanops, commonly known as black rockfish.

(4) "Blue rockfish" means sebastes mystinus, commonly known as blue rockfish.

(5) "Food fish" means any animal over which the State Fish and Wildlife Commission has jurisdiction pursuant to ORS 506.036 (Jurisdiction of commission).

(6) "Nearshore fish" means:

(a) Enophrys bison, commonly known as buffalo sculpin;

(b) Hemilepidotus hemilepidotus, commonly known as red Irish lord;

(c) Hemilepidotus spinosus, commonly known as brown Irish lord;

(d) Scorpaenichthys marmoratus, commonly known as cabezon;

(e) Hexagrammos decagrammus, commonly known as kelp greenling;

(f) Hexagrammos lagocephalus, commonly known as rock greenling;

(g) Hexagrammos stelleri, commonly known as whitespotted greenling;

(h) Oxylebius pictus, commonly known as painted greenling;

(i) Sebastes atrovirens, commonly known as kelp rockfish;

(j) Sebastes auriculatus, commonly known as brown rockfish;

(k) Sebastes carnatus, commonly known as gopher rockfish;

(L) Sebastes caurinus, commonly known as copper rockfish;

(m) Sebastes chrysomelas, commonly known as black and yellow rockfish;

(n) Sebastes dalli, commonly known as calico rockfish;

(o) Sebastes maliger, commonly known as quillback rockfish;

(p) Sebastes miniatus, commonly known as vermilion rockfish;

(q) Sebastes nebulosus, commonly known as china rockfish;

(r) Sebastes nigrocinctus, commonly known as tiger rockfish;

(s) Sebastes rastrelliger, commonly known as grass rockfish;

(t) Sebastes serranoides, commonly known as olive rockfish; or

(u) Sebastes serriceps, commonly known as treefish.

(7) "Shellfish" includes but is not limited to abalone, clams, crabs, crayfish or crawfish, mussels, oysters, piddocks, scallops and shrimp. [1965 c.570 §4; 2003 c.809 §11]

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