2007 ORS § 476.580¹
Orders, rules and regulations

The Governor may make, amend and rescind such orders, rules and regulations as are necessary or advisable to carry out the provisions of ORS 476.530 (Chief executive of political subdivision to assign forces and equipment) and 476.540 (Powers and duties of fire-fighting forces). Any order issued by the Governor in relation to carrying out the provisions of ORS 476.520 (Governor authorized to assign fire-fighting forces and equipment) to 476.610 (Payment of claims) may be either written or oral. If written, a copy thereof shall be filed in the office of the Secretary of State and another copy dispatched forthwith to the chief executive of any county, city or fire protection district affected. Immediately thereafter such order, rule or regulation shall be in effect. Oral orders may be made by the Governor when in the opinion of the Governor the emergency is such that delay in issuing a written order would be dangerous to the welfare of the people of the state. However, written copies of such oral order shall be filed and dispatched as soon after issuing such oral order as is conveniently possible in the manner above provided for written orders.