2007 ORS § 476.530¹
Chief executive of political subdivision to assign forces and equipment
  • federal equipment

The chief executive of any county, city or fire protection district or the head of any fire department of any political subdivision, including agencies of this state, if so ordered by the Governor, shall assign and make available for duty and use in any county, city or fire district under the direction and command of such officer as may be designated by the Governor for the purpose, any part of the fire-fighting forces and equipment under the control of the chief executive or the head of the fire department, provided that any equipment made available by loan, or otherwise, to any county, city or fire district or this state by the United States or any agency thereof, shall at all times be subject to the order of the United States or such agency in accordance with the terms and conditions upon which the equipment is made available. [Amended by 1961 c.626 §1; 1979 c.76 §1]