2007 ORS § 453.780¹
Radiology inspectors
  • license
  • minimum qualifications

(1) All applicants for accreditation as radiology inspectors shall possess at a minimum one of the following combinations of education and experience:

(a) One year of experience and one of the following:

(A) Certification by the American Board of Radiology or the American Board of Health Physics;

(B) A doctoral degree in a physical or biological science; or

(C) A Doctor of Medicine degree or a degree recognized by the Department of Human Services as an equally qualified health professional degree.

(b) Two years of experience and a master’s degree in a physical or biological science.

(c) Four years of experience and a bachelor’s degree in a physical or biological science.

(d) Six years of experience and an associate’s degree in a physical or biological science.

(2) Experience required of an applicant includes, but is not limited to, measuring ionizing radiation, evaluating radiation safety and documenting radiation protection needs.

(3) In addition to meeting the education and experience requirements of this section, applicants shall be tested on knowledge of department rules governing the X-ray machine inspection program, including but not limited to safety requirements and inspection procedures. Applicants shall also complete such additional written or practical testing as the department may require.

(4) A license shall not be issued to an applicant unless the applicant has paid all required fees. [1995 c.444 §8]