2007 ORS § 453.388¹
Contracts for equipment, personnel loans or equipment purchases
  • provisions
  • rules

(1) The State Fire Marshal and any local government may enter into contracts with each other concerning eligible equipment or personnel loans or equipment purchases. The contract may include any provisions agreed upon by the parties thereto, and for grants shall include the following provisions:

(a) An estimate of the reasonable personnel costs or cost of the eligible equipment purchases, as determined by the State Fire Marshal.

(b) An agreement by the local government:

(A) To proceed expeditiously with, and complete, the equipment purchases in accordance with plans approved by the State Fire Marshal; and

(B) To provide for the payment of the local government’s share of the personnel costs or the cost of the equipment purchases.

(2) The State Fire Marshal may adopt rules necessary for making and enforcing contracts under this section and establishing procedures to be followed in applying for state equipment and personnel loans or grants authorized by ORS 453.386 (Equipment and personnel).

(3) All contracts entered into pursuant to this section shall be subject to approval by the Attorney General as to form. All payments by the state pursuant to such contracts shall be made after audit and upon warrant on vouchers approved by the State Fire Marshal. [1989 c.833 §87; 1991 c.356 §2]