2007 ORS § 453.105¹
Authority to enter premises
  • inspections
  • taking samples
  • payment

(1) For the purposes of enforcement of ORS 453.005 (Definitions for ORS 453.005 to 453.135) to 453.135 (Notice required prior to institution of criminal proceedings) and 453.990 (Criminal penalties) (2), the Director of Human Services or a designated representative upon presenting appropriate credentials to the owner, operator or agent in charge, may:

(a) Enter, at reasonable times, any factory, warehouse or establishment in which hazardous substances are manufactured, processed, packed, or held for introduction into commerce or are held after such introduction, or to enter any vehicle being used to transport or hold such hazardous substances in commerce.

(b) Inspect, at reasonable times, and within reasonable limits and in a reasonable manner, such factory, warehouse, establishment or vehicle, and all pertinent equipment, finished and unfinished materials, and labeling therein.

(c) Obtain samples of such materials or packages thereof, or of such labeling.

(2) If the director or a designated representative obtains any sample, prior to leaving the premises, the director or designated representative shall pay or offer to pay the owner, operator, or agent in charge for such sample and give a receipt describing the sample obtained. [1971 c.409 §11]