2007 ORS § 430.366¹
Requirements for service proposals

(1) Every proposal for alcohol and drug abuse prevention, early intervention and treatment services received from an applicant shall contain:

(a) A clear statement of the goals and objectives of the program for the following fiscal year, including the number of persons to be served and methods of measuring the success of services rendered;

(b) A description of services to be funded; and

(c) A statement of the minorities to be served, if a minority program.

(2) Thirty days before the end of each fiscal year, every service funded under ORS 430.306 (Definitions for ORS 430.315 to 430.335, 430.397 and 430.399), 430.338 (Purposes of laws related to alcoholism) to 430.380 (Mental Health Alcoholism and Drug Services Account), 471.810 (Distribution of available moneys in Oregon Liquor Control Commission Account), 473.030 (Tax on wines and malt beverages) and 473.050 (When privilege tax not imposed) shall file a concise progress report with the Department of Human Services, including a narrative statement of progress made in meeting its goals and objectives for the year.

(3) The department shall assemble all progress reports received in each biennium and transmit them to the succeeding session of the Legislative Assembly. [1977 c.856 §12; 1987 c.53 §8]