2007 ORS § 427.180¹
Requirements for admission

(1) A person shall be admitted to a state training center only after:

(a) The person has either been committed to the Department of Human Services as a mentally retarded person under ORS 427.290 (Determination by court of mental retardation), or an application for admission has been filed either by the person or by another in the manner set forth in ORS 427.185 (Application for admission);

(b) The person has undergone a diagnostic evaluation as defined in ORS 427.105 (Diagnostic evaluations) and the completed evaluation has been provided to the Developmental Disability Diagnosis and Evaluation Service established under ORS 427.104 (Developmental Disability Diagnosis and Evaluation Service); and

(c) Either the Developmental Disability Diagnosis and Evaluation Service or, upon appeal, the Director of Human Services finds that the person meets the requirements set out in subsection (2) of this section and approves the person for admission.

(2) A person shall be approved for admission under subsection (1)(c) of this section if the following conditions exist:

(a) The person is mentally retarded;

(b) Programs and services needed by the person are available in a training center and comparable services are not available in community mental health and developmental disabilities programs or other human service agencies;

(c) Admission to a state training center is the best available plan and in the best interest of the person, family of the person and the community; and

(d) Space is available or may become available within a reasonable time in an appropriate unit of a state training center. [1979 c.683 §8]