2007 ORS § 423.483¹
Baseline funding
  • basis on which county can discontinue participation

(1) The baseline funding for biennia beginning after June 30, 1999, is the current service level for the expenses of providing management, support services, supervision and sanctions for offenders described in ORS 423.478 (Duties of department and counties) (2). At a minimum, each biennium’s appropriation must be established at this baseline.

(2) If the total state community corrections appropriation is less than the baseline calculated under subsection (1) of this section, a county may discontinue participation by written notification to the director 180 days prior to implementation of the change. If a county discontinues participation, the responsibility for correctional services transferred to the county, and the portion of funding made available to the county under ORS 423.530 (Procedure for determining amount of financial grants) reverts to the Department of Corrections. In no case does responsibility for supervision and provision of correctional services to misdemeanor offenders revert to the department.

(3) As used in this section, "current service level" means the calculated cost of continuing current legislatively funded programs, phased in programs and increased caseloads minus one-time costs, decreased caseloads, phased out programs and pilot programs with the remainder adjusted for inflation as determined by the Legislative Assembly in its biennial appropriation to the Department of Corrections. [1995 c.423 §6; 1999 c.952 §1]