2007 ORS § 423.445¹
Witness rights
  • fees
  • expenses of state agency personnel

(1) Any person required to testify under ORS 423.400 (Office established) to 423.450 (Contempt proceedings against person interfering with ombudsman) shall be accorded the same privileges and immunities, receive the same fees and mileage and be subject to the same penalties provided in ORS 183.440 (Subpoenas in contested cases).

(2) The fees and mileage shall be paid by warrant upon the State Treasurer upon the certificate of the Corrections Ombudsman. No tender of witness fees or mileage in advance shall be necessary.

(3) Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section, a representative of a state agency shall receive actual necessary traveling expenses only. [1977 c.378 §10]