2007 ORS § 420.017¹
Diversion plan

(1) The Oregon Youth Authority shall develop annually a plan for diversion of delinquent youth from commitment to the youth correction facilities to alternative community services.

(2) In consultation with the local commissions on children and families established under ORS 417.760 (Local commissions), the juvenile departments shall develop a plan for services needed to divert the commitment of youth from the youth correction facilities, and how these services are to be administered if funds are provided. Following review and comment by local commissions, the plan must be approved in the form of a resolution by the governing body of the appropriate county and of a letter of concurrence from the presiding judge for the judicial district in which the juvenile court is located.

(3) The youth authority shall develop and implement a statewide diversion plan after taking the local juvenile departments’ plans into consideration and after consulting with affected service providers. [1985 c.500 §7; 1993 c.676 §47; 1993 c.742 §88; 1995 c.422 §91; 1995 c.781 §44]