2007 ORS § 419C.600¹

(1) An order of support entered pursuant to ORS 419C.590 (Authority of court to order support), 419C.592 (Support order is judgment and final), 419C.595 (Support for youth offender in state financed or supported residence) and 419C.597 (Assignment of support obligation to state) may be enforced by execution or in the manner provided by law for the enforcement of a judgment granting an equitable remedy or by an order to withhold pursuant to ORS 25.372 (Applicability) to 25.427 (Rules).

(2) No property of the youth offender’s parents, or either of them, or other person legally obligated to support the youth offender is exempt from levy and sale or other process to enforce collection of the amounts ordered by the court to be paid toward the support of the youth offender. [1993 c.33 §260; 1993 c.798 §31a; 2003 c.396 §134]