2007 ORS § 399.035¹
Oregon State Defense Force

(1) In addition to the federally recognized Oregon National Guard subject to call or order to federal service under laws of the United States, there shall be organized within the state a National Guard Reserve force. Such force shall be known as the Oregon State Defense Force, and shall be composed principally of officers, warrant officers and enlisted persons not eligible for general service under federal selective service laws.

(2) In time of peace the Oregon State Defense Force shall be maintained at cadre strength in numbers to be determined by the Governor.

(3) In time of peace the mission of the Oregon State Defense Force shall be to augment the Oregon National Guard as an internal security force. In time of war, it shall replace the Oregon National Guard as a state force when the National Guard is ordered into federal service.

(4) Whenever laws of the United States authorize the organization of such state forces under federal recognition, the Governor shall promulgate such regulations as are necessary to comply with such federal laws and obtain federal recognition for the force authorized by this section. [1961 c.454 §41; 1989 c.361 §6]